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Could anyone provide a summary of the differences between teams like:

Mid-Atlantic Red Sox (now combined with Mets?)
Mid-Atlantic Rookies
MD Monarchs
Any others in the mid-atlantic area (Baltimore) worth mentioning...

Are they are similar or are there big differences in how they select players and operate?
Which is the most highly regarded / successful? Pros / cons of each program?
Is it a postive experience?

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Not sure I can tell you the differences as they are all pretty darn good organizatons. What I can say is that all are quality showcase teams with top notch people guiding them. These are the top teams of their type in the Mid Atlantic (MD/eastern PA)area.

All are highly regarded. All are successful. Guess it might depend upon the right 'fit'.

So, I would ask what it is you are looking for?
My son Austin played for the Oriolanders last year in the fall. They go to tournaments and typically play 3 games 9 innings each. The kids play 4-5 innings a game to split time. They typically get 2 AB per game. The pitchers pitch 2-3 innings per weekend. I have also been approached by the Mid Atlantic Redsox. I am really impressed with those folks. Steve Miller and Joe Kemp are Austins private coaches. They are with Peake Athletic Training in Bowie. I can honestly say that he would not be where he is today without their education and leadership with my son.
In looking at your list of teams, I have not heard anything bad with any of them.

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