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Yes we are playing two with the Anglers and one with the Hurricanes one with the Upstate mavericks and one in East Cobb.
Andy Partin from Impact will not return any of my e-mails. I have heard that he only lets in teams that belong to large organizations or that are in his buddy system. I unfortunately am not in either.

Originally posted by Coach May:
Have you checked Impact Baseballs tourneys out? Also the Anglers and Hurricanes are holding several this fall.
Seems like there are more and more of the weekend showcase tournaments. I wonder how the college coaches can decide where to go. I suspect that they would look at who is playing (i.e., the quality of the players & teams....and then decide.

Don't get me wrong, I think there are some very good showcase teams out there.....but, like the term 'travel team', I wonder if the quality of at least some of the 'showcase' teams is not a little watered down with so many of them out there.

Certainly, Dirtbags, Cubs, 'Canes are quality programs, along with some others.

Coach May is right (he usually is) to start with Impact. If Andy Partin won't return emails, try Jeff Petty of the 'Canes. Good luck to the Bulldogs.

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