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If you are invited to a showcase does that mean that the school that invited you is interested in you??
I was invited to a showcase camp at the University at Buffalo(the only D1 school in my area) and was just wondering if that meant they are interested in me and seeing me play without having to go very far. Thanks in advance to anyone who answers. I really appreciate the people on this website everyone is fantastic.
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Don't get your hopes up that high...

The coaches want to see hundreds (even thousands) of players and will offer maybe a half of dozen players some level of scholarship each year.

Plus this is a FUND raiser. They will probably invite anyone in the area who has the ability to play HS Varsity baseball. Then see who really has the interest to show up, and finally who has the skills to stand above the crowd.

But you need to look at it as an opportunity. If... indeed, this is a college you'd like to attend.
First of all, it is not the only D1 school in your area. Niagara and Canisius (MAAC) are right there in Buffalo and St Bonaventure (A-10) and LeMoyne (MAAC)are nearby.

Secondly, stop being so intoxicated by the D1 tag! D1 does not mean "better". There are other strong baseball schools in Western NY, even though they may not be D1.

Anyway, my son attended a one-day showcase/camp at UB last year. We found it to be much more camp than showcase. They (UB)were definitely not recruiting in this venue. There were a few coaches from other nearby schools (none of the ones I mentioned above) clocking the pitchers, though. I used it as an opportunity to capture some good video to use for my son's promo, which I only sent to schools upon request, of course.

Good luck!
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I know there are other D1 schools in my area but UB is the closest. The pitching coach from Canisius is going to be my varsity pitching coach next year b/c my head coach has some connections with him.

I'm not getting intoxicated by D1 schools in fact the school I plan on playing baseball at is a Div. III school about 20 miles from my hometown. LeMoyne is no where near WNY that is in Syracuse that is more of Central NY. That out burst really offended me. Everyone thanks for the input.
I apologize; I was not intending to be offensive. I merely wanted to point out that there are other D1 schools in the area that you may not have been aware of. After all, you said UB was the only D1 school in your area.

Also, I know of many people who are overly impressed by the D1 designation. You are obviously not one of them, which is a good thing in my opinion.

That is a camp. If you are interested in UB, my son attended that camp and as I remember, the price was reasonable. It may be worth your while to attend and do your best. If you stick out, they'll notice. You may want to attend a local showcase that comes around in November to get an evaluation as to what level you may be at. And yes, there are some very good D3's around here.
Yeah I have gotten a lot of offers to play for a couple Div III schools and a couple offers from Juco's in the area. I was just stating that they were a D1 b/c I hadn't received anything from a D1 school yet.

I also saw it as an oppurtunity to have the coaches who I have talked to but haven't seen me yet to come and watch me play. Is this a good idea to do?? I don't know if this would seem selfish or if the coaches would see this as a great oppurtunity to see what I am all about.
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Step back and assess the situation

If you have been to a number of showcases/high profile tournaments and you are getting mainly D-III interest that should tell you something--It may be that you are not Division I material

That being said does it hurt to attend this camp----- no additional exposure can hurt--you never know what will fall out of the treea

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