So as a casual observer of this years draft, it raised a question when looking at the MLB Draft Signing site listing slot values as well as the signing bonus.  1st Rd 3rd Pick slot is $6.2M but signs for $5.5M.  Love to be in his shoes but why didn't he go for slot?  Just figured the 3rd overall pick would have some leverage.  Insights are appreciated!

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Because he had already agreedto that amount.  Teams are pretty up front explaining how it works, financially. They have a certain amount to spend and have to budget accordingly.  If the slot is valued at one amount, they do not have to give that to you.  Thats why teams stayed away from a certain agents clients.

First round pick for anyone is money in the bank regardless. I am sure my son would have graciously accepted.

Guess you could look at it the other way.  Slot for the 4th pick was just over $5m.  So if he isn't the 3rd pick, he becomes the 4th pick or lower yet and gets much less than what he signed for.  So there really isn't much leverage for the player other than turning down $5+ million and go to college.

Here is my opinion.  Signing is about starting your pro career. If its about the money, go to college.  Most likely these players were drafted where they were willing to sign.  Remember signability is the key.

Teams always have the upper hand, if you dont like it, on to the next guy who does.

People try to read to much into the draft, as PG says, take the money or go to college, and that actually applies to all picks.


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