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Newest podcast is of Rawlings 2022 Pitching Coach of the Year, Frank Anderson.  He is my son's pitching coach at UT.  It will drop at 5 AM on Friday morning.  I will attach link tomorrow.  But if you like stories of baseball, Frank Anderson is a great storyteller.  He talks about guys throughout his career that he had the pleasure to coach.   Has coached over 40 MLB pitchers in his career.

I enjoyed that.  I enjoyed the question especially of who the most competitive guy he had coached.  Without much hesitation, he mentioned Huston Street.  I doubt he is the type of guy that gets picked out of the showcase lineup nowadays (e.g., height, velocity) but those type of guys have something special that is not readily apparent on the outside.   

Another interesting story in the podcast was about Clayton Kershaw.  Baylor offers two guys scholarships and the first one to accept was the other guy - not Kershaw.  So the other guy gets the scholarship.  I don't believe the coach even mentioned the name of the other guy but I am assuming none of us ever heard of him.  It kind of shows how fickle things can be sometimes with other things in the recruiting mix we might not be aware of.

Regarding Kershaw, I vividly remember hsbbweb members from Texas raving about a high school kid named Clayton Kershaw who of course, none of us knew anything about.  Some of them were comparing him to Roger Clemons and Nolan Rayan and I was thinking at the time - really - he is still in high school?  Well... one hall of fame career later, those people obviously knew what they were talking about....

Very cool podcast. Will go back and listen to previous ones. Be good if you can raise the volume. I listen to podcasts daily on speakers, this one is definitely on the lower side.

Re Kershaw: My 2022 played with his cousin, also last name Kershaw in the Hamptons collegiate league 2 years ago. Said was a very nice, down to earth kid. Would joke that the only thing he got was some discounts at the Dodger's store.

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