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The answer is yes! I was there and saw several standouts. However, those standout were my personal opinion. I don't want to put anyone on a pedestal from my amature eyes. There were a couple of kids that I thought have VERY bright futures. They were mostly in the Freshmen and sophomore groups. It appeared that most of the top talent in the Jr. and Sr. classes have already made arrangements for college and did not attend though there were a couple of standouts. There were many kids in the Jr. and SR. classes that need to be in better shape if they want to get noticed. I saw MANY lazy swings, kids walking around, and some all purpose going through the motions. Several of the younger catchers appeared to put the equipment on for the first time this year. You could tell who they were because they were surrounded by a cloud of rust dust.
All in all it was a typical camp, 260 kids broken down in the following categories.
5 top prospects
25 D1 Prospects
100 college prospects
100 High School prospects
25 kids with big dreams
5 kids trying to figure out how to spell baseball
My son attended this camp last Sunday and will be there all month. Was it a bad thing to sign him up for the infield/outfield session as his primary position is pitcher? He's a left handed pitcher--bats right handed. I felt if he didn't get noticed for his pitching, he might have a chance with his fielding. I just don't know if he has a chance to play in college or not...where do you get an honest, unbiased opinion??? Also, do you have any recommendations as to other camps or venues for him to get noticed?
Was it bad to sign him up for both? No. My son is also signed up for both. I noticed a whole lot more instruction in the pitcher and catcher session than in the infield outfield session. The scouts also paid more attention in the pitcher session. I was pretty disappointed with the in/outfield session as a whole. Check your Private Messagees
Baseball is more and more a pitching and hitting game. And, unless someone is an exceptional hitter, college recruiters are always going to be more interested in pitchers - hard throwing lefthanders get special attention.

The Southern Maryland Winter Camp has always been more of a 'pitchers camp'. However, this year's edition at AACS (with their fieldhouse) should help change that a little. The Southern Maryland Summer Camp - outside at Spalding HS - will give the position players more opportunities for instruction.

As for there being a small number of college coaches, wait until this weekend when the quiet period is over. There should be plenty of coaches- D1, D2, D3, Juco, NAIA and Pro there this weekend.

Finally, Jerry Wargo is a first class guy who knows what he is doing. If you have questions or are wondering why things are done a certain way (or not) suggestion would be to seek him out and ask him directly.
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Agreed! Jerry Wargo is TOP notch and the Camp is VERY reputable. The first week had a couple of kinks in it but it will be as smooth as silk the next 3. We are very happy to be part of the event. Truthfully, I was surprised I didn't see more of the younger kids (Freshmen and Sophmore). I know they are out there and lots of talent that should be seen.
JS Parak,

You seem to have a good amount of knowledge regarding high school baseball camps. My son is a freshman at a public high school. I enrolled him in the Diamond Skills Baseball All American Camp at Georgetown Prep b/c we live close by. It seems to be similar to the Southern Maryland Camp. What are the differences between that camp and the Southern Maryland Camp? Do you know if there are going to be more/different colleges at the Southern Maryland Camp? Has anyone on this board been to both? Can you still register for the Southern Maryland Camp?


I would have to agree with what baseballguy and JS stated about Coach Wargo and his camp. He is a great guy to have in your corner, and will always take the time to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

All in all, a very worthwhile investment.

This was recommended to my son by his HS coach last year as a sophomore, and again this year, attending the morning session only. Since last year, Li'l Heat has been contacted (within the restrictions) by quite a few recruiting assistants, and has kept in touch. After one week this year, as a junior, we have been happy with the results. I seem to remeber seeing around 30 or so signed in on the "attending Coaches " roster, but you can be certain that will more than likely double in the upcoming weeks.

I can't speak from experience regarding Diamond Skills, but I have heard good things from there as well.

Good Luck!
I'm going to get a little philosophical about why I like the Southern Maryland Camp. I can't speak for the Diamond skills camp sorry. I played to an advanced level for a very popular D1 college in the Carolinas and now that my son is "of age"; I wanted to get him in front of Wargo. We have traveled all over the country in the last few years learning the "new game of baseball". We have learned about conditioning, drills, what 5 tools really means, and most of all how to play with dignity and respect for the game. I have prepared my son for 8 years for the opportunity to showcase his skills in front of the right people. I didn't know Jerry Wargo 8 years ago and I don't have a personal relationship with him now. I did my home work and he was the one I selected to start my son’s career in front of. He also comes HIGHLY recommended by my sons HS coach. This is our first paid showcase event. We have been to 1 session and we have met many talented coaches and influential people. I can't wait until Sunday because of the many opportunities my son will have, thanks to Jerry. As a parent, my job is to provide opportunities for my son to succeed. The rest as they say is up to him.

I really didn't want to get all philosophical but it sounded like you wanted an opinion on the Southern Maryland Camp. That's my thought process and my opinion of Jerry Wargo. I'm sure that the Diamond Skills camp is great and you may learn more from going to that camp than you would at the Southern Maryland Camp but, if your son is the real deal, Jerry will provide one heck of an opportunity to be noticed.
As far as camps go I think both Diamond Skills and Southern Maryland are very good. My son did Diamond Skills last year and is going again this year. I have talked with people that are doing Southern Maryland at it seems much the same. The bottom line is the camps are set up for pitchers and if you are not hitting mid to high 80's you are not going to get a lot of looks at the camps enless you are a stud that can crush the ball. If you are a position player you are just one of many fish in the sea there. If you son is the real deal he will be noticed and will not have to go to any camps, coach's here about these kids and find them. The good thing about the camps is it gets the kids working and moves the focus to the up coming season.
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Diamond Skills folks are also a first class baseball group. The Gibbs brothers know what they are doing. The good news here is that you have 2 first class showcase camps available that can be, in certain ways, complimentary not competing.

For postion players, Diamond Skills runs a 60 yd dash each week vs. So MD which does not.

If one can afford to do it - and, yes, I know money is tight - try to do them both. Diamond Skills on Saturday and Jerry Wargo's on Sunday. Often coaches go to both, I'll bet.

Either way, it's great that such great showcases are available for players to show their skills.

Good luck!
That's assuming that the Top 15' + 16's from the area will be playing at the Jr. Olympics.

Lets have a show of hands which teams are going to the Jr. Olympics and what Top 15's and 16's will be there. Maybe if we name some names the scouts will still know where to find the kids. Jupiter, Fla, or Severn, MD. I know its silly but your right it could make a difference. I don't have a pony in this show but I will soon.
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