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Okay, I know that parents aren't supposed to brag, but I can't help it. My son, Jesse, was named the Southland Conference "Pitcher of the Week", after picking up a 4-1 complete game victory, against the Lamar University Cardinals.

SLC website.....

Huntsville Item website....

Again, I apologize for being a bragging parent, but I couldn't help myself.

Be good,

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Leftydad, Congratulations to your son and thanks for updating. No reason to apologize. He is competing and succeeding at a very high level and you have every reason to be busting with pride. Wonderful recognition and an even better pitching performance. The Southland is a very underrated conference. Great to see BA give them recognition. Hope the rest of the season continues on a high level. party
I am so happy for Jesse and family!! You are SUPPOSE to come here and brag! Inquiring minds want to know!

I don't like to brag either, but my 04 had a perfect game going 5.2 innings, ended up with 3 hits, 7ks, 0bb, 1run, CG win. Don't know that he will get any alocades from anyone except family and hsbbwebsters, and that too is ok!

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