Sports and Dating: The Secret to College Recruiting

It is a natural process.  Players, student-athletes, boys/girls eventually want to leave home and get away!! They venture out on a date, on a job, on a team, or go to school not to find a job for the rest of their life…. But to get away and do their thing!  Just think about it….  I cannot find one parent who at 17/18 was deciding on their money making career based on what we try to ram down their throats today.  We are forcing kids to go to school, collect a scholarship, sign professionally, make lots of money, forget friends, forget fun, forget character, forget life learning………NO WONDER players quit after constant showcase  participation, travel ball schedules, and first year fights for roster spots on a collegiate website. No wonder there is a lack of quality coaching and teaching because it is all about the money instead of the play.  I have never heard an umpire say “WORK BASEBALL”  But I have heard him say “Play BALL.”

If a parent is going out on a date with his child….oops…. a helicopter parent is flying on a suicide mission. If a parent is constantly in the child’s athletic career…oops…. another helicopter parent is going to go out in flames.  If a parent allows their child to explore, search, play, fail, and win on his own with informed encouragement….. a happy marriage will result…on and off the field.

From the Desk of TUVAA         

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