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There are a couple of teams that are active for players who didn't make their high school team and/or home school kids.

I've heard mixed reviews about the "league" overall.  Some teams promised x number of games, with specific coaches and capped rosters at a certain number of players but the reality was turnover with coaches, lots of intersquad scrimmages and no where near the "real" games promised.  All that I just mentioned is second hand from reading complaints on another forum, so there's my disclaimer on that info.

ECB hosts one of the teams (East Cobb Eagles).  Here's a post they had for tryouts from another forum.

Below is a link to their website.  I'd reach out to one of their coaches for specific details.  I do recognize a couple of names on their roster, one in particular is a Sr. at my son's HS who did not make varsity at this year's tryouts.

14u plays a late start, maybe 4/1, and very similar tourneys to 13u and below; i.e. triple crown, USSSA, Grand Slam...etc.

15u and up get a much later start, not sure you can call it Spring ball, many are holding tryouts this week and next. Here is the link for SOME of the 15u-18u tryouts:

Not all teams advertise on NWGA, but some notable teams are there.  Several list where they plan on playing, example:

"Team XXXXXXXX 16U has an opening for IF/OF/P and holding scheduled try outs Monday April 11th. We have a very active Spring/Summer season getting ready to start after HS play off season ends. We are attending the PG Super 25, PG National Championships Qualifier, PG Evo Shield Classic, Trip-le Crown to mention a few. 11 tournaments currently on the active schedule taking us through the end of July."

All have contact info for the coaches listed.

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