just trying to find out contacts for a spring break tournament. our spring break will be march 23-27. looking at possibly myrtle beach but open to anywhere. we went to disney spring training last year and planning on doing that every other year. just looking for this year and trying to get something set for fundraising purposes. thanks.
steve dixon head baseball coach sullivan north high school kingsport, tn
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I have to put a plug in for the Ripken Experience in Myrtle Beach if that is not the one you are talking about. I know they have what used to be called the Hawaiian Tropic tournament but it's called something else now.

I took my team to Ripken this past spring and have nothing but great things to say about it. Great facilities as all fields are field turf and the people to work with are very nice and helpful. I have seen two of them on here in the past but I can't remember their screen names but they have Ripken in their names.

The cost of Ripken is pretty reasonable as it factors into $50 per person per day and you stay in some really nice condos.

Got any more questions about it please feel free to ask.
thanks - that sounds good. i looked at the website and going to make a call to check on more info.
is a tournament format or like disney - you just choose how many games you want to play?
are any meals included in the package?
thanks for the info - if anybody else has any more good spring break ideas let me know.
It's like Disney where you tell them how many games you want and they arrange it. You can even bring your JV team and get games.

They do not provide meals but what we did was went out and got sandwhich stuff, cereal, pop tarts and stuff like that and put in each player's room. It saved us a bunch of money because each room has a kitchen in it. We also ordered several pizzas at once and got pretty good deals with that.

If you call them ask for Matt Ennis because he is the guy I went through. He did a great job for us and worked really hard. We actually went down during a bad week - first week of April - because nobody was there. We played another team from KY 3 times. He also hooked us up with a local team that was really good and another team a short ride away in NC. The week before and after we were there was packed.

Good luck finding something. If for some reason you want to come to KY let me know. I have since moved on to an asst. spot in NC this summer but I still know some guys up there.
i talked to matt today. sounds like a great deal. it is $50 a day per player. minimum 4 nights. theyve added the option of staying at the holiday inn express at broadway at the beach this coming year or the condos.
whats the competition level like?
we played in a tournament in pikeville a few years ago and they called year before last wanting us back but we had already committed to oak ridge. it was good. played in a christmas basketball tourney in hazard last year - i really enjoyed it.
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The team we played from Kentucky was either East Carter or West Carter - not sure but one was pretty good and the other one ..... well wasn't that good. We played the one that wasn't that good. The first two games we beat them by a combined 20 runs and the third game I played all my reserves and let my asst. coach run the show and they got us by 2 or 3 runs.

The local team was Carolina Forest HS just outside of Myrtle Beach. At the time we played them they were ranked third in class 4A and they were really good. We lead most of the game but got beat by two runs in extra innings.

The team from North Carolina was East Columbus HS and they were very good too. We were out of pitching by this point (many injuries last year) and they killed us by 10.

Don't know if I can guarantee you the level of competition but I felt the overall experience was well worth it.

Pikeville is my old stomping grounds. I was asst. coach at Pikeville High about 11 years ago. I played college ball there too at the local college.

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