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What do you base that on?

I also want to add this as an afterthought--you have hit a nerve--when I was a kid if I ever talked about a coach or any other coach the way you did I would have trouble the walking the next--my dad would not have stood for it AND I DONT STAND FOR IT--I could care less who you played for and where you are headed for college--show some respect

Too many of you young guys come on here and blast coaches for no reason and think you are so smart----show some respect---keep in mind that coaches read this site--you may be cutting your throat as far as a college situation---trust me son you will never ever play for our team

You guys have to begin showing some maturity before it is too late--- dirt--how would it be if the college coach in Hawaii got a copy of your post ???
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I went to a camp last year, and I beleive the St. Joes coach was there. I don't want to say his name, but he is a very nice guy and a good coach.

Can someone please asnwer the original question to the post, though? I am thinking about attending, depending on cost and the dates, and as soon as I recover from this injury.

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