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Hi All,

Could anyone give some feedback on the famous "all star camp" at Stanford ( Upcoming July of next year)
What exactly is the process? My son will be a incoming junior in fall 2009. Does Stanford put out announcement or do you have to call to get on the list. Do all the kids get in the all star camp ? or is there a short list process? How is the camp run ?Any Timeline feedback?

Sorry to ask a bunch of questions. Any comments or experience or pointers are well appreciated.

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Ditto everything Rob said. One additional fact, getting in as a junior in may depend upon your son's position and their need at the camp. Even though acceptance to the camp is random per NCAA, you can imagine that there are usually more pitchers than position players.

It is a fabulous camp. Keep your eye on the Stanford website, information for their summer camps will post there, and you can fill out a request form on line too. Be patient but diligent.

If you do not get in this summer, try again next. Also, if you don't get in, sign up for the Headfirst camp (there usually is one right after the Stanford camp in Nor Cal, and then there are others back east). Many of the coaches from the Stanford camp head over to this camp.

Search as Iheart said and you will find a ton of information about this camp.

As with Rob, this camp has determined the college future of many players that attended it, my son included.
Given the size of the camp and the number of colleges present, I am not sure that there is another similar college camp. Yes, other colleges offer fine camps, but none run quite like this one. Some college camps have no other colleges there, some college camps have some other colleges there and run like this one does generally but on a smaller scale numbers wise. This camp has a lot of other colleges there, from all over the country and at all levels (DI, DII, DIII, JC, etc.) They do not have other Pac10 schools there, however (understandable). The schools alls are on the higher academic side also. Most coaches work the camp, some do not but instead come to sit and watch. Plus it is just a lot of fun for the kids - hard work, but fun. And there are a lot of kids there, too.

Beyond this camp, if you are interested in a school and that school has shown interest in you, by all means you should attend one (or more even) of their camps. It does many things for you - lets you see their facilities and play on their field, lets you get to know their coaches, and they you, lets you see the school generally, and the level of talent that the college may be recruiting (besides you), so you will know how you fit.

My two cents.

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