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Any high school baseball player interested in playing in the Starobrno Cup, July 31st to August 9th, 2004 should contact Pete Caliendo at 847-781-8039. This is a great opportunity to play international baseball. We will be back just in time for high school football and most travel teams are done before we leave. This is a fundraising trip, but a large % of the players in the past had no trouble raising the funds. The fundraising is quite simple and you get tons of help from USA Athletes International. You can find additional information about the organization and other commonly asked questions by going to the USA Athletes International website:
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If your thinking about it do it! I went with these guys a few years ago when I was in high school and it is a great time. Not only to get to play overseas but your probably not going to get a chance to see a unique country. We went to China and I don't think I would have gotten to a chance to go somewhere quite like China if it was not for this opportunity. Trust me, GO!
Final roster:

Kyle Barton Wheeling High School
Michael Bielinski Loyola Academy
Christopher Bruce Charles Page High School
Nicholas Byrne Cary-Grove High School
Zachary Fahrion Montezume-Cortez High School
Dwayne Fry Loyola Academy
Tyson Gonzales Timpanogos High School
Keith Haglund H.D. Jacobs High School
Michael Krueger H.D. Jacobs High School
Travis McCann Charleston High School
Brian Oberlies Cary-Grove High School
Ivan Scott Charles Page High School
Kyle Smolek Nazareth Academy
Scott Styck Herscher High School
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Well, we stayed three days in Prague, first day relaxed and watched China Taipei vs. Canada in softball. ASU's Linda Wells has several Americans on her Greek Olympic softball team, including Lockport's own Ginny Georgantas. Four olympic softball teams stayed at the same hotel as us and it was a learning experience for all of us. The kids struggled thru jet lag the first day, Second day after we worked out, we all went to downtown Prague and did a river cruise and it was the kids learned alot about what is old, like 1600's. Now we are in Brno for the tournament and we will see all of the castles in the area and hopefully we get to make it to the concentration camp near the German border.
Game #3

USAAI 15, Trebic Nuclears 0

W--Travis McCann (Charleston HS)

Travis McCann, 3 for 3, Triple, 2 Singles
Brian Oberlies (Cary-Grove HS), 2 for 3, Double, Single, 1 RBI
Tyson Gonzales (Timpanogos HS) 0 for 1, 3 BBS, Run, 1 RBI

Game #4

USAAI 6, Skokani 1

W--Kyle Barton (Wheeling HS)

Dwayne Fry (Loyola Academy) 2 for 4, Double, Single, 1 RBI
Game #5

USAAI 15, Brno Technika Junior 0

W--Kyle Smolek (Nazareth Academy)

Brian Oberlies (Cary-Grove) 3 for 4, 3 Runs, 2 Doubles, HR, 3 RBIs

Travis McCann (Charleston) 2 for 3, BB, 3 Runs, Double, 2 RBIs

Game #6

USAAI 11, Brno Golden Kids 5

W--Keith Haglund (H.D. Jacobs)

Tyson Gonzales (Timpanogos) 2 for 5, HR, 3 RBIs
Chris Bruce (Charles Page) 4 for 5, 2 HRs, 2 RBIs
Ivan Scott (Charles Page) 2 for 3, 2 Runs, Double

Starobrno Cup Most Outstanding Player--Brian Oberlies (Cary-Grove HS). Brian Oberlies is headed to Augustana to continue his baseball career.
Thanks coach Sarna and coach Genke for a great week in the Czech Republic. I learned a ton from you two in that week about baseball. The guys in Illinois were really cool and they should feel lucky to have you guys as their coach. Kangaroo Court was one of the funniest things I have ever been part of and I can't wait to do that with my future teams. Thanks again coaches.

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