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There are also games at 10 am.

We got some info yesterday. We were told that single game tickets were $10, Event tickets were $30. I don't know how they are going to control who has what ticket.

Since this is our first trip to the tourney, I can't help you out on the cooler issue, but I would guess that the concession stands at the Dell are going to be open, which would eliminate the coolers.

IF the concessions are open, a good friend of mine, an old coach that has coached/scouted at the Dell many times said "go to the concession stand down the right field line, by the swimming pool (I wonder if it will be open?). Best Philidelphia steak & cheese sandwich this side of Philly."

He also recommended the concession stand down the left field line for a regular steak sandwich. He told us the Dell has the best concession stands in minor league ball.
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No coolers.

Don't know how the traffic will be coming in from Puerto Rico. Big Grin

If you have to come in from the south (e.g., through Austin) you can hit bad traffic in the mornings and afternoon of if there has been a wreck, or if construction has lanes closed... Coming in on I-35 from the north there shouldn't be much of a problem. Not too much construction going on and the morning rush hour is over by 9 a.m.

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