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Well, wasn't that fun watching Mark McGuire tell congress that he won't rat out his friends? Funny how he could say he never did it until they asked him under oath.

As long as MLB has a "4th strike and you are out" policy we will have a steroid policy.

I believe that the 1988 MVP award should be taken away from Conseco. But he deserves the 2005 MVP award if his book ends up cleaning MLB of steroids.
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Most ironic, Conseco came out in my opinion looking much more credible than McGuire.

Love the way Palmaro handled it. Very direct, no parching of words, "I have never taken steriods." I believe him. Sosa, not as direct and seemed to have little to say. Didn't need an interpertor during his home run chase press conferences way back when.

Agree that Conseco should have MVP award stripped, however, it was not against rules of baseball to use them. How ironic is that, something can be against the rules of society, but not against baseball rules.

We can probably agree that the worst effect of steroids is the damage to the players (pro, minors, college and HS). Next most damaged is the game itself. What is baseball without its "STATS". Roger Maris's record was right up there with

7 no hitters
56 games
755 home runs

You get the drift. The game deserves respect. Just like the Blacksox and gambling, this hurts the integrity of the game itself. Instead of Judge Landis we get Selig and his inept drug policy.

Only time will tell the damage to Conseco and McGuire's health.

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