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I'm following. Hope you're enjoying ST...not sure if my friend called you about the app, sorry if he didn't. If you still need help, let me know.

Oh, my Twitter handle is josh_herz for those with a Twitter as well and want to follow me, although I can't promise I'll be anywhere close to as insightful as Spring. Frown Wink
Originally posted by CBallhitball:
Awesome digital audio available via perfect game. My Junior player loves it... preaches what I've told him forever, job is to hit the ball hard, can't control if it's a hit or not.

"round ball, round bat and dirt = stuff happens"

Exactly what I preach. "See the ball, hit the ball hard". That is the only thing that you can control.

I've also explained it to him as you can't think about results (ie hits). Just hit it hard.
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My son has listened to Steve's CD many times over the past two years. During those two years he has hit the ball better, harder, and more consistently than ever before in his life.

I - and he - attribute a big part of his success to Steve's help. KCDawgjr never goes to the plate without a plan. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but he always knows what he's going to try to do based off what he sees pitcher doing, including swinging at - and hitting - a number of first pitch curveballs. When I asked him why - "I knew he was going to throw it and that's what I wanted to hit."

And while I can't say that he still doesn't watch his batting average some - he's 16 after all and that's what everyone else is looking at - he realizes there isn't much he can do once he hits the ball and puts it in play. I think that realization has helped him to stay loose at the plate and has shortened a few of his slumps.

He's tried to get some of his high school and summer ball team mates to do the same thing, but so many of them are always looking fastball until they have two strikes. Or they are just reacting to the pitch... "It was a strike, so I swung at it."

Highly recommend Steve's CDs.

I would like to thank Spring for his Quality at Bat CD.It is a Cd that has to be listened to over and over but  his advice helped my son,s confidence and BA tremendously.His advice to attack the inside of the baseball,look for a curveball on 0-2, 1-2 counts,forget about your BA and many other tips he wrote on the bill of his cap.   Thanks Spring!

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