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I read the post from PUD regarding "Does he wait from that call from coach?"...and the advice given from a number of members, including PGStaff. I didn't want to hijack that thread, but I'm glad that I read PG's advice prior to making the mistake of having my son call the coach. It peaked my interest enough to post a scenario that others can relate to, and the situation my son is currently in.

My son is a senior 2011 that has a legitimate two-way shot at playing at the next level. He's garnered attention from a number of schools, yet has not received an offer. He has showcased and played tournaments in PG events, and participated in a handful of college camps over the past two years. Bsbl Jr attended a Winter College Camp last year at his "Dream School". He had been receiving typical mass recruitment emails from this school since 9/1 of his junior year, and I/We honestly didn't feel he had a legit chance to play there...BUT there was a number of other schools represented at the three day camp/showcase that made it worth while. He did well at the camp, and received attention from other schools that weren't initially on the radar. He did well enough to not scare his "Dream School" away, and was invited to attend a number of games with other recruits during the season. FASTFORWARD to the present, and bsbl jr has been in phone contact with the Recruiting Coordinator and Head Coach on several occasions. The RC watched him play at the PG Nationals a couple of weeks ago, and liked him enough to invite him out to the school with seven other recruits to watch a home football game (He was invited on the field for the pregame warm-ups), and had a blast! Yesterday the HC came out to watch him at his scout ball game. He pitched well, however he doesn't Light Up the radar guns, but cruises in the upper 80's. The HC also watched his first two AB's, an infield single and a strike out swinging. The good news on the infield single was that he was able to showcase his speed, 6.7 60. The bad news was that he also showed that his approach at the plate needs some work. It was evident that my son was Very Nervous and is feeling the pressure. I don't know if he'll hear anything from this school or not? The Stress and Nervousness isn't just with my son, but is with my wife and I too...hence my Post! Smile

I think a portion of the Stress comes from the fact that several of his friends have already committed. I realize it's still early in the recruiting game, and even if he doesn't commit during the early signing period it's not the end of the world. We haven't put all of our eggs in one basket, and he will pursue every opportunity from JC to D3 on up. He would obviously like to play at the highest level possible, but he has limited his choices to west coast schools, preferably here in So Cal; and as many of you know, that definitely makes the recruiting trail more difficult! He will attend the Senior Fall Nationals this upcoming weekend, and I'm hoping for the best...who knows, maybe he didn't scare his "Dream School" away? We'll soon find out!
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bsbl247, hang in there. I remember feeling the same type of stress 3 years ago. It's hard when teammates have already committed and you haven't. There can be a fear of being left in the dust, although that is unrealistic thinking.

Things will all work out just as they are supposed to. It's awesome that your son has several programs showing interest, and I'm confident that he will have a good place to play next year.

Try to take a deep breath and if you're a man of faith, leave the stress and anxiety - as well as the results -- in the hands of God. He knows your son and where he needs to play.

Let us know what happens and best wishes!
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Thanks for the kind words, and yes, I think it will all work out in the long run. I have tremendous faith that he'll get an opportunity and it will happen when the time is right.

As for his friends that have committed, we are very happy for them! He has played/grown up with many of these boys and I've coached a number of them throughout the years...But I'd be lying if it wasn't adding to my son's Stress and Anxiety. That is something my son and your's truly will need to work on during this process.

I've received some well needed support via PM's from an Old Timer that's given me some helpful insight to the school that my son yearns to attend. I'm very grateful for the advice, and I certainly can't argue...a deep breath is definitely needed to keep me from going crazy! crazy
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its easy to feel stress when others seem to be getting ahead, you just need to be patient and not measure your sons progress against his peers as it can cause some to jump at the first/only D1 opportunity and make a mistake.

Your son is actually in a good geograpghic situation due to the competitive JC leagues in SoCal. If nothing works out during the remaining portion of his HS career, its an easy step into the JC and a continuation of the process....assuming he can play of courseSmile My son was a 4-2-4 and it seemed like each JC game and some practices were a free PG event all season long.

As part of your son's plan, I'd make sure he visits and meets a few JC coaches in your area or nearby before you get to far into the season. You may find that some of the coaches know who your son is and where he really fits/projects at this time.

Good luck.

Most everybody on this site knows where your coming from with your post. It can be a painful, confusing and stressful time. I'm sure you feel better putting your thoughts and feelings together. THe family stress is very difficult to deal with, and everybody has their way of coping. Mine was to help son work even harder by sending out more emails and follow up notes. We kept "looking under new rocks" hoping for new opportunities. We continued to pedal faster. Others that I know would drop it all, and go away for the weekend. Whatever works best for you to keep that family harmony together is most important.

I wish your son the best in his search. My son was among the last to commit among his travel teammates. Many on his team commited in the Spring and Summer. It worked out extraordinarliy well for my son and a few other "Fall committers" on his travel team. "When" is not nearly as important as "What". Again, best wishes in your son's journey.
@ Vector- RyanRod is correct, it's the Arizona Senior Fall Classic.

@ CollegeParentNoMore- Good advice, thank you. Frankly, we just didn't expect his "number one" choice to be in the equation, and that's what has added to the stress, IMO. You're right, there are a number of very competitive JC's in our area.

@ RyanRod23- bsbl jr's scout ball team is not participating, so it appears he'll be playing with Trombly. We'll know more tonight, and I'll let you know...Thanks!

@ fenwaysouth- You're 100% correct, my original post was just to let off a little steam. Smile It's important that I do my best to stay positive and NOT let my son in on the additional "Stress" from dad. Sometimes that's easier said than done, as both he and I wear our emotions on our sleeve! I know that a number of families have been on this trail before us...there are a number of families on it now...and there will be a number families on it in the future. Trust me, he's working his rear off right now on the field and this point, it's probably just as important to take the deep breath, relax, and when the time is will happen! Wink
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Cruises in the upper 80's and he was able to showcase his speed, 6.7 60:
No need to worry, sounds like there is a place for him at the next level!! Also, I would not discount the JC route, my son is a 4-2-4 and had many more recruiters and scouts at his JC games, with 3 times the offers than out of high school. Looking at those signing this year, it seems there are many more JC freshmen and sophmores signing at D1 schools than in years past. From your post, I truely think your son will be playing for several more years.
Originally posted by Ohiobaseball28:
I have a similar experience with my "dream school" however I am a junior right now. I had the chance to talk to the head coach and his staff about having a role on the team when I went to a camp there this past fall. When did your son start getting invites to the school's games? Just curious to see when colleges get back with recruits from the fall.


My son was added to the recruiting lists of a handful of colleges his junior year, and invited to attend their games. He received most of his invites just prior to the beginning of the college season. We took full advantage and attended several games in 2010. He did not end up signing with the schools that were paying the most attention to him. However, BSBL JR ended up committing/signing with an excellent school and baseball program in the end and our family couldn't be happier. You'll more than likely receive some sort of communication from schools just after the holidays with invitations to attend games. Best of luck to you and enjoy the recruiting process!
Congratulations bsbl247, to you and your son. Glad to hear it has worked out for him.

My son also a 2011 has not committed this go around. He has interest from JC up to DI, the JC has offered and one DII, but I don't think either have given him the "WOW" factor. So, we try to keep the stress level down and have faith that it will all work out in the end.

1B will be attending PG's World Showcase in Jan., and will hopefully put him up on the radar and will draw some more interest. He has the bat, the speed 6.95 60, is a Lefty, and can play OF as well. He doesn't show that he is stressed, he keeps up with off season workouts and just keeps plugging along.
Thanks, it did work out in the end and should make it easier for my son to relax and enjoy his senior year of HS...and it will certainly help me relax too.

BSBL son was a little lucky (kind of goes with your Tag Line). He had a few good games when the right people/coaches were watching. There are a number of very good outfielders and corner infielders that have not committed. Every coach my son spoke with during the last few months was looking specifically for pitching, and everything else up the middle...Catcher, SS, 2B, & CF. My son is an OF/RHP, and one school that was recruiting him asked if he'd be willing to play 2B? We laughed, he hadn't played the INF since he was thirteen years old.

It's good to hear that your son is keeping up with his workouts and appears to be stress free. I hope he lights it up at the PG World Showcase in January. A left handed bat with Sub 7 speed will be highly desired. Best of luck!

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