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I have heard the following said by good coaches what do you guys think are good cues

1. a stride is a reach with the weight still back

2. a stride is merely a timing mechanism

3. a stride gets the feet the ideal position to thrust the hips in a circle

4. a stride adds momentum to uncock the hips

What are true statements a coach should make/ best cues/reasons/why?
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we sometimes use " walk away from your hands with the front foot" i don't think it really matters what cue you use, as long as the player UNDERSTANDS what you are talking about. my dad still uses old school terminology, but has the right ideas. as long as the players have a good understanding, you are okay. i also try to use several cues with each batter. what CLICKS in with one player, makes no sense to another. understanding and the end result is what you are after. who really cares how you get there as long as you do.
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