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I need some advice. I have been wanting to go to this university for a long time, and I even told myself if I didn't get an offer from the university that I would try and walk-on. However, if I do that, my baseball career could be in jeopardy.

The other option I have is to go to a community college about 5 minutes from my house where I was told I would play right away, go there for 2 years, and then transfer to a university.

I really want to go away to school, but if I don't get any offers, should I walk-on and risk not making the team? Or should I stay close to home, get my General Ed. classes out of the way, then transfer?
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It may be time to ask them if there is a chance.
JUCO is also a great option nad you will get more playing time. Transferring can have issues as far as credits but lots of guys do it that way.
The univ that my son wanted to go to kept him hanging until Aug and then signed a JUCO player. Things worked out well but see if they are willing to commit to you if not move on.
You many also want to keep in mind that selecting your JUCO carefully is every bit as important as the two choices you have now.

For instance, have you talked to the coach at the University about the JUCO program that is close to your home? Coaches sometimes have good working relationships with certain JUCO coaches.

Keep in mind a coach at the University may look to certain coaches as good feeder programs because they have similar coaching beliefs and teach in similar manners. The coach at the University may also have a good feel for the competitive level of the JUCO in mind, not all are the same.

When you talk to the coach at the University make sure you discuss the JUCO you have in mind,

And that doesn't even broach the subject of academic differences between programs.
They showed a pretty good amount of interest in me overall. I was told they were going to lose some pitching, and that they wanted to come out and see me play.

I'm not too worried about not getting an offer from them, I just haven't heard from them in awhile, even though they're probably getting close to the postseason.

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