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Hey guys...I think it would be interesting to get your opinion on style/accessories/etc.

Do you think that going all out with style (ei, wrist tape, phiten necklaces, phiten sleeve, eye black, oakley shades) will be a turn off for recruiters or does it matter? I just hate the kids who put so much effort into preparing how they look but who can't back it up. I usually go with a phiten sleeve, oakleys, and maybe tape. It may just be me, but it seems like the players who look sick have played the longest, and are usually the smoothest in the infield and the best. Tell me you thoughts.
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I agree with JH somewhat. If you can play you can play. That is for sure, but in most cases you play the way you look. Very rarely do you see players who wear all the flashy gear and can't hold their own on the field. I wear wristbands and tape, I lose the flashiness with my hat though. It started black this year and now it's either brown or white depending on where you're looking.
Personally, I can't stand those guys who go out there trying to look good (both physically and on the field). The really arrogant ones are the ones I come a little too far inside on (not close enough to hit them, just close enough to tell them either A. back off the plate or B. You look like a tool)

We wear 1. Cap 2. Pants 3. Socks (Stirrup or non stirrup) 4. Belt 5. Shirt 6. (If on cold day) T-shirt
Anything else is not allowed (sunglasses are OK for outfielders)
If you're legit it looks sick, but if you're not you look like a tool. It does draw attention.

Most college coaches, if they think you can help their team with your skills, would recruit you anyway and then tell you to ditch the style once you got on campus.

I can see how a very very small minority of college coaches wouldn't recruit you, but you gotta ask yourself, "Is at the type of coach I would want to play for anyway?"
I have always been a fan of wearing your jersey right and looking like a ball player. if your hat isn't a flat brim, don't try to make it into one. tape is for catchers i hate seeing outfielders wearing it for style. To each his own though. i don't think a scout would care either way like jh said. if you are all decked out and have the phiten sleeves, necklace, chain, oakleys, and everything; you need to back it up on the field.

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