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When talking style, I mean what you wear. What would be considered making your attire "flashy" so to say? There are some teams that seem pretty flashy (nike elite sleeve, neon cleats, oakleys, tape, etc), and they couldn't back it up playing. I realllyyyyy don't want to be one of those players!! Is an evoshield and a single phiten okay, or does that even seem like too much? Thanks for any help you guys can give!

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Here are my thoughts:


1.  If you don't need the EvoShield...why wear it?  If you need it, then you don't need to ask.


2.  Shoes that don't match the school colors annoy me.  White or black are always ok.


3.  Camo jerseys look ridiculous....especially the new "digital camo".  What is "digital camo"  It's more gaudy and noticable than their regular solid color obviously calling it "camo" is incorrect.


That's all....

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I wouldn't worry about all that too much, if I was you.  


Just because, I will tell you about a 13u player on our 14U team last year. A bit of a hot dog.  Not the most mature player in the dugout by any means.  Always wore his $300 Oakleys on his cap. Everyone of his gloves (and he's got a lot) have his nickname stitched into them.  During breast cancer awareness month, he not only had pink sweatbands, and pink tape on his bats, but pink shoelaces and batting gloves.

But, the kid can flat-out rake.  Game on the line, you want him at the plate.  Now he's a Freshman starting on his school's varsity team. He's batting 3rd no less.  He's up to 6' or so and playing football has put some muscles on him.   He's not only leading his team in BA and Slugging Percentage, he's leading the whole dang league.  He'll be getting some significant exposure this summer, and with his talent and his 4.0 GPA I will be shocked if he doesn't get a verbal offer from a PAC12 or other D1 during Sophomore year


Moral of the story:  Wear the swag. Or don't.  It doesn't matter one bit.  You already know what does.


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