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I think that it may be helpful to some high school players if there was a spot on this website that discussed summer baseball camps. I think it could talk about which ones are the best, what they have to offer and so on. Many parents spend hundreds of dollars a summer sending kids to camp, I think it would be beneficial to them all to not only open their eyes to what is available out there but give personal accounts of what people thought of the camps (if they attended them). Anyone agree? I dont know where to suggest this, so I just posted it on here...
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I am in total agreement with this thread. There should be a seperate forum for "Baseball Camps" that should include college, high school and private camps that are not "showcase" events but camps.

Between my two sons and through the years we have attended Babbitt [I hope that is the right spelling] baseball camps, West Virginia University camps and, West Virginia State University camps. Only last year, my youngest son attended the Elon University Camp and was very pleased with the coaching and the talent level at the camp. He has been invited to several other camps but certainly a forum devoted to the subject would be very helpful in deciding where to go.

Ok, I am glad to hear that others share my thoughts of how beneficial a camp forum would be. Now, what are the steps we need to take so that hsbaseballweb hears us and creates a seperate forum. Summer time is fastly approaching and the sooner this gets done the better, for both parents and players. There are tons of camps out there for parents and players to choose from and it would be nice if this forum was easily found by many so that more opinions can be heard. I am sure many of you parents and players will agree, there are some camps you go to that you might as well have donated your money to a charity. They do a great job of babysitting your kids for you but you are not getting the baseball instruction that you thought you paid for.
I'm sorry that I didn't notice this suggestion earlier. It's a great idea.

Feel free to post questions about college baseball camps, and of course those who run these types of camps should post their information here. If and when time permits, I will try to compile a more extensive listing of camps.
1st & 3rd.....
I attended the Princeton baseball camp last summer and will be playing for them in the fall because of it. I had an amazing experience and the coaching staff is top notch. The dorms were comfortable and the facilities very good for a small school. They have an entire infield underground indoors for bad weather. I live in Texas and am a LHP, and I can say that the Princeton camp is the only reason I was recruited by Princeton. Of the 6 recruits Princeton got for next year, 5 attended the camp, so I can say that going to them because of the schools minimal recruiting budget is a must. Let me know if theyre is anything else you want to know.
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