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Are you looking to develop your coaching skills and work with children? Do you want to spend your summer job working outdoors? Make a difference in the lives of children? Meet people from all over the world? Build your resume while having an amazing time?!
Camp Towanda is looking for experienced, enthusiastic and diligent baseball and softball coaches to teach daily instruction to our campers, boys and girls, ages 7-17. Additionally, they are responsible for leading our baseball intracamp games and intercamp leagues. This is a great opportunity for developing professionals to get coaching experience with a wide variety of ages and abilities.
Responsibilities include coaching, umpiring, executing lesson plans and coordinating with Department Head, Program Director and Athletic Director. Specialists help teach groups of 20-40 campers at a time (boys and girls, ages 7-17). When you are not instructing in your area of expertise, you will work with the group that you live with, as a General Counselor.
Job Requirements:
  • Available mid-June thru mid-August.
  • Candidates are required to complete at least one year of college
  • High School or College-level baseball play
  • Youth coaching experience a plus!
  • Qualified references
  • Great with children
  • Strong work ethic
For the Sports Management Internship specifically, Camp is all about managing many different sports programs all at once. As an Activity Specialist in and of itself is you are experiencing hands on the different responsibilities that will help you in a sports management career. We are constantly hosting tournaments or sending teams out to play, as well as managing our daily program, evening activities and special events. Our sports program is a well oiled machine and a great opportunity for you to take advantage of. As an intern, we will dial in our focus a little more on your education. You will be assigned a mentor, working closely with our athletic, program and tournament directors. You will meet and experience how they manage all the different program areas we have, tournament scheduling and coaching strategies, managing equipment inventory, etc. You will also coach teams of your own and work directly with many department heads. Interns in the past have kept journals, written essays or made a video documentary. We also have connections through our network of alumni and parents that work in many different areas in the sports professional field. These connections are something you can take advantage of after your time at camp to help propel your career.

Learning Objectives:

  • Build upon the knowledge of your sport and strengthen your coaching skills while applying classroom learning, theories, and experiences in a real world setting.
  • Improve self confidence and initiative by working with a diverse, multicultural staff. 
  • Manage multiple teams and coordinate games, scrimmages and tournaments
  • Understand logistics in tournament play, transportation, programming and coordination within the organization and working with other camps.  
  • Strengthen leadership, teamwork and communication skills while experiencing the importance and impact of being a positive role model to hundreds of children.
  • Take advantage of networking and mentoring opportunities from our Leadership Team, Alumni and Parent Network.



Camp Towanda is the premier family-owned and operated, co-ed 7 week sleep-away camp in Northeast Pennsylvania for children ages 7-17. We are nestled on over 400 acres of beautiful fields, facilities, waterfront and countryside. At Camp Towanda, we provide a well-rounded experience for our campers and staff in a nurturing, safe environment with endless opportunities for them to try new things and feel great about themselves! Our program offers excellent and professional instruction in all land and water sports, fine arts, drama and adventure, as well as very creative evening activities and special events.

 Working at Camp Towanda provides hands-on leadership opportunities, while helping you build skills that any future employer is looking for, such as flexibility, adaptability, initiative, self-direction, social and cross-cultural skills, productivity, accountability, leadership and responsibility. This position will boost your resume with experiences that demonstrate stamina, responsibility, integrity, accountability and the ability to work and communicate with others. No matter what field you choose to pursue, you will find your job experiences at Camp Towanda invaluable.


We attract down-to-earth, friendly and spirited campers, families and staff. We hire 300 counselors and support staff from over 30 countries and all across the USA. When you work at Camp Towanda, you make a real difference in camper’s lives, while building your resume and career-building skills (leadership, work-ethic, public speaking, management, responsibility) with the support of our senior staff and Directors. The job of a counselor is multi-faceted; your spirit, creativity and leadership is paramount. When at camp, it is a 24-hour job. Flexibility, responsibility and stamina are key attributes for our staff to possess. Working with kids is a challenging job but one of the most rewarding job experiences you will ever have.

All meals, room, board and laundry service are included with scheduled time off. You would have limited expenses.

For almost 100 years, Camp Towanda has continued to define what summer camp is all about. We are highly regarded and respected as an industry leader and are involved in giving back to various organizations throughout the year. Camp Towanda is accredited by the American Camp Association.

When you work at Camp Towanda, it’s so much more than a summer job- it’s a family, network and community that will change your life forever. Thank you for considering Camp Towanda for your summer job experience! Begin your application and contact us today! 570-253-3266 -

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