Heading to Tempe in March and would LOVE any restaurant suggestions anyone would care to share Smile
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Best Burger, at least many moons ago when I was a coed was Chuckbox on University right across from ASU.

They have built up all around Mill Avenue and there are lots of places to eat and take in the sites of ASU, the river (which was a dry riverbed when I went to school).

A must is to take a short hike up "A" mountain and take in the sites.
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luvbb - Since you will be going there during spring training, you MUST go to

Don & Charlies in Scottsdale. You may have to wait a bit, but it will be worth it. Baseball memorabilia all over the place.... You'll love it!

At all costs, avoid Sun City. It will take you hours to go a few blocks. I only say this because Surprise abuts two of the Sun Cities. Be careful. Old Folks in golf carts are your worst nightmare.

HAHA!! My Mom lives in Sun City! coolgleam (Very little traffic to worry about there---except for those golf carts, of course, if you happen to take a wrong turn and wander in).


My entire immediate family lives in this area, but I apologize that I can't help you with restaurants. My annual visits to AZ are pretty BORING and spent mostly in...wellllll...SUN CITY! You'll have to let me know what I'm missing. Wink
Hey, Metro Phoenix is the 5th or 6th largest city on the country. There are great resturants and resorts everywhere. I'm more in tune with the East Valley but Surprise and the west valley is full of options. In Tempe, try dinner at Monte's, right on Mill Ave just south of the bridge.

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