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My son is starting middle school (in Texas), and I would like to buy him a new bat.  I want to make sure I buy him the right bat before spending the money. We are new to the DFW area and he is going to a new charter school.  I'm having trouble contacting the coaching staff, so I asked the Athletic Director what bat certification should I be looking at.  He told me BBCOR -8.  I have never heard of a BBCOR with -8 drop, only -3.  I emailed Texas UIL Baseball and they told me that for regulations I needed to email NFHS.  I emailed NFHS and they told me they only write regulations for High School, not middle school/jr high.

I have seen this site:, but it does not answer the question at hand directly.  It eventually links to the high school rules, but no mention of jr. high in the high school rules.  I may be over thinking this, but again, I would like to verify what is the right bat before spending the money.

So, I'm asking parents of Texas Middle School baseball players, "What bat certification does your child hit with?" USA, USSSA, BBCOR .50 -3? ...BBCOR -8!?!  (maybe the athletic director confused a -3 for a -8.)

Please do not answer this question if do not have have a child currently playing middle school baseball (unless you are a coach). 

(Note:  BBCOR's -3 drop is a heavy ratio coming from a USA (-10) bat.  I guess if it is BBCOR -3 middle schoolers have to do a lot of upper body strengthening.  If it is BBCOR than I better buy the bat sooner than later so he can get used to it.)

Thank you.

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At 13u my son was a drop 5 in 7th grade, I just got him a bbcor for next year (8th grade) which, as you know, is a drop 3.

I am not in TX but fwiw, all the tournaments  we are doing next year are 60/90 bbcor only.  If your son is going into 7th, there is a good chance they allow for any drop but the bat might have to be usa certified.

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