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my question is, how are some of your kid's coaches going to monitor and hold players accountable for putting the work in during the break?   my son's college will not bring the students back after the Thanksgiving break.  there are a LOT of schools following the same model.   mine meets with his coaches today to go over what they want him to work on and how they are going to monitor his progress, so I don't know how they plan on doing it yet.  just curious how other places are going to handle this longer than normal break.

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It really only amounts to a week's difference.  Son was done with school last year at the the beginning of December so not a big difference.  Mine was told in his fall meeting with the coach that with the number of players they have this spring it will be up to him to keep doing what he is doing or supposed to be doing so that when he walks back in this January he is ready to go.  The numbers should be pure motivation for the ones who want to compete.  When you have 40 guys fighting for playing time, the ones who really want to play will be the ones who are doing the right things this December.  For mine as a pitcher, this is partly his down time pitching so he that is part of the solution.

I think the question is, why would a player "Not" follow their regiment.  Rosters are bigger this year.  Everyone's fighting for playing time.  If you're not grinding, you risk getting splinters in your rear or possibly cut.  My son's on scholarship for a D1 in California.  He's going into his 2nd season this year.  When Covid shut them down, we setup a gym at the house, and he went back to his little league coach that had a cage in his backyard.  This was his plan, we just help him and supported him.  After all the waiting he finally got back to weights, practicing, cages, etc. at school.   He saw many guys struggling, and they were the ones that didn't do anything over the remainder of last season and summer.

As you said, my son, too, will be done at Thanksgiving, and will report back in January.  His coaches have given him a schedule to follow over the break.

Come January, they'll know who followed it and who didn't.

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Coach told son it won't take a couple of days to know who worked out and who chilled out.  When they come back and do their proficiency test which is weights, running, and cardio it won't take long to know who was doing what they were supposed to do over december break.

This. When I was playing, we had to do testing our first day back. The one thing everyone dreaded was the timed 2 mile run. Coach would give us some absurd time we had to finish in. He would know right away who kept up with conditioning and who just sat around and ate all break. Those that didn't make the cut got to go to extra 6am conditioning for a few weeks, besides being in the dog house with coach.

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