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Mike Thiessen, GM of the new C.I.C.L. team playing at Illinois Benedictine should be applauded for helping to bring great college summer baseball to our area.

The new complex @ IBC is nothing short of fabulous. It easily rivals Schaumburg or Kane County as a wonderful way to share Father's Day or to enjoy ANY evening of good baseball (and softball) at this super new ballpark. The Jennie Finch led "Bandit's" share the complex with the Dragon's.

The player's are top notch. Joe Dunnigan (St. Ignatious-Oklahoma) Ruairi O'Connor (OPRF-Florida State) Derek Schlecker (OPRF-Western Michigan) Brian Schust (Stevenson-Wake Forest) and Jon Rivera (headed to North Florida by way of OPRF-UIC) are some of the local contingent but just a few of the stars on this solid team. The Head Coach, Bobby Sherrard, is a rising star himself and will help this strong contingent to what looks (early)like a dominating season. They have started 4-0 and play in Bloomington today and @ HOME TOMORROW VS Bloomington @ 1:30PM.

The food is very good (Brats-Kosher dogs-deserts by Haagen Daaz, Edy's and lot's more. Its very inexpensive. Beer and Wine are available. The Bandit's beat the Chinese team last night 3-0.

Prices are very reasonable ($5-$7) and twice as comfortable (and farther apart) as Kane, Wrigley or even Comiskey! No lines at all for food or beer.

Go to [] and you'll get easy directions to IBC,tickets,and anything you need to know about this beautiful baseball experience.
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Great post Soxnole! This looks great! It looks like a great way to spend a nice summer afternoon. I'll have to run out there for a game or two and check up on an old teamate of mine (Joe D). I've always liked the way he's played the game and he's just fun to watch. Him and Ruari are excellent ballplayers. It's awesome that we have some of the area guys back on one team that all of Chicagoland can enjoy!
My brother plays at Benedictine, He missed all of last year so I never got the chance to see the new stadium. From what ive been told there is not a single playing field in illinois thats better. How close is the center field fence to the brick building that the lisle fire department use to practice fire escapes from? With aluminum can some get it out there that far?
Just returned home from watching the DuPage Dragons defeat Galesburg at a great facility at Benedictine University. Soxnole, your were right on with your praise and I must say that they've done a great job. What an enjoyable place to watch a ballgame. Good food, good prices, no lines and great seating. No doubt, we'll be going again soon.
Actionbrett: the old building is about 450 from home plate. I own season tickets to the Dragons and can't believe how much fun it is. The caliber of baseball is first rate, my kids have a blast with the mascot, KIDS GET TO KEEP FOUL BALLS and there's a pitcher from Texas Tech [Miles Morgan] who's 4-1 with 3 shutouts. There's still plenty of games left. Folks, it kicks Kane County's ____.

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