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Well today I got to go to the first game of the season a double header only 10 minutes from home. I had forgotten how hard those bleachers can be after a few hours...but you better beleive we stayed there for both games.

Losed one won one. Unfortunately the first game started sloppy and had errors. My son got to go in in relief in the forth when the other pitcher had to leave the game (hurt). I like to be able to say he did wonderful but quite frankly it is the worst I had ever seen him do..i would have have taken hinm out that first inning but the coach put him back in (I guess he figured the errors weren't his fault but they were hitting him) the next inning wasn't much better but he stopped giving up those runs and then they put him in again and I was sitting there thinking what is the coach thinking...probably didn't want to waste another pitcher cause there was no way they were coming back from a 9-0 deficiet....well he went back in and pitch extremely well his 3 and 4 th innings and the team came together and the errors stopped and the bats starting working and here we were in the bottom of the 7th (7inning game cause a DH) and our team keep scoring and then finally there we are with two outs the tying run on first and unfortunately the batter hit the ball straight at the OFer to end the game.

Then in the second games the pitcher did really well and the bats stayed hot and we took the game....

So I went home figuring my son was going not to be in the best moods when he got home and he suprised me he was happy for his team and actually said that yes it looked bad but that is the first time he went into a game like that with 10 pitches from the mound and 4 pitches before he took the mound..he said no one was ready to pitch and someone had to go in, and coaches told him he pitched well given the while not what I was hoping his first college pitching history would be..but he did look good after he was good and warm and I guess thats what I always expect to see

And another game tomorrow....

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Pre-season stuff! I think it bodes well that Coach had the faith in him to keep him in to see how he'd handle it -- and his attitude after spoke volumes. Great start!


From 'Nice Guys Finish Last' by Leo Durocher:

Baseball lives at the center of a never-flagging whirl of irreconcilable opinions.

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