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What a phenomenal resource this site and its member have been! We joined when our son was in high school and have lurked for the last 10-12 years. After 23 years in polyester baseball pants, a belt, and a cup (oh he loved that cup as a 4 year old!), our passionate baseball player has entered corporate America with a Fortune 500 company. So here is our soliloquy about what baseball has meant to us.

Let me start with the end. Wow was that tough! A no-hitter AAA game that we won. The team was ecstatic, until management called two players into the office. The call we received was “Well, I’m no longer a Red Sox player”. Media covered the no hitter, but the article discussed the demeanor of the team learning of the loss of two players. Yeah, proud moment, but then reality hit. Great team and teammates, great career, all coming to an end.

The offseason was full of optimism, encouragement, and hope. An offensive and defensive highlight reel generated great interest, but in the end, it wasn’t to be. He would consider affiliate offers, but was not interested in Indy ball. The 2023 MLB/MiLB season began, and for the first time in 23 years, we were not participating. Honestly, I didn’t want to read a thing about teams or players, and was a little bitter…..for a very short time. How in the world could I hold bitterness for a sport that I absolutely loved and that was SO GOOD to our family?!

Our son was told he would never make it far playing baseball, given his size. Frankly, these naysayers helped fuel his fire and helped him keep his head down and focused.

Our son had 4 goals: play varsity baseball in high school, sign with a D1 college baseball program, get drafted into the MLB, and play in the majors. The kid hit 3 of his 4 goals, ascending to AAA baseball with the Boston Red Sox!

What a fraternity for the players and their families. He had wonderful host families during college summer ball in Lima Ohio, Wakefield RI, and Cape Cod (where this under-sized player was a Cape Cod League All-star). He also leaned on phenomenal host families in professional ball. It’s that village, you know?!

Life today has us all enjoying watching our Boston Red Sox, Atlanta Braves, and Tampa Bay Rays from the comforts of home, and reminiscing about all the fun, cold, hot, nervous, excited times playing/watching baseball in person.

Godspeed and much success to all the current, and up and coming, players. No animosity here. Just a full and grateful heart with love for a sport that has been so good to our family. ❤️⚾️

Guen and Ken Williams

Son: Grant Williams, Drafted 2018, 10th round, #310, Boston Red Sox

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I could have written this as well.  Except I wasn't husband was/is, but slowing getting over it.   Son was released coming out of 2023 Spring Training after two seasons of AAA ball.   Had 5-6 Indy offers, but he felt that it  wouldn't do him any good after AAA ball.  (It's a pitcher's world and he isn't a pitcher).   He hasn't looked back, nor entered the corporate world....he has had several interviews and playing golf and caddying to make a few bucks.  He LOVES being home in his own bed every night,  and feels he left having a good career, (and got to meet the famous Dr. James Andrews....twice).

Dottie Large (soon to be "Grand Dot"!)

Son:  Cullen Large, Drafted 2017 out of William & Mary, 5th round, Toronto Blue Jays

Dottie, so glad we connected and discovered our guys played in games on opposing teams throughout professional baseball. It is a small world. It’s funny you mention that Cullen is playing golf. Grant always thought playing golf would mess up his baseball swing. So now he is becoming a golf rat (loves competition). I’m thinking his baseball swing has definitely helped his golf game (Ha, new perspective there). Congratulations on becoming a grand! Grant and Rachel welcomed our first grand this past January. Being a full time husband, and now a Dad, seems to have softened the blow and eased the transition into what’s next. Hats off to our boys for building lifelong friendships and making lifelong memories, all while living their dreams as successful professional baseball players.

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