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As a batter you can ask for timeout as many times as you want.
The key to this is how often the ump grants you the time.
Putting your hand up, without any verbal communications doesnot constitute a timeout. Even if you call "Time" unless the Umpire grants you time there is not a timeout.
A good umpire which manages the game will not permit a batter to make a travesty of the game by granting unlimited timeouts.
As you were told. you do not call time out. You request it. Only the umpire can call time out. Now what you say is true, that by asking for time you can upset a pitchers timing. But do not assume you will be granted time at every request.

Baseball is a mental game, but it is not in the best interest of the game to allow uncontrolled time outs. Many new HS age players learn this the hard way, the pitcher is in his motion, the batter puts his hand up and steps out of the box only to take a strike when time is not granted..........

"The game is never over until the 21'st out is made." Last time I checked there are 42 outs in a regulation high school game.

There is not a single reason for an umpire to allow you a timeout. The umpire may grant you a time out, if he feels it necessary.
As pizza_ump said, hold your hand up, step out of the box, without time being granted,it is a strike. If the pitcher throws a strike, that 2 strikes called on the batter. One for stepping out of the batters box without time being granted, and one for the pitch.
Also, if you try to call time out for the purpose of causing the pitcher to balk, and in the umpires judgement it was a deliberate attempt, you can be ejected from the game.

Game management is the responsibility of the umpire.
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Originally posted by BobStaMan:
no, i mean, hes not in the windup yet, he simply just recieved the sign, then i call time.

The game is never over until the 21'st out is made

Why can't you understand that only the umpires may call time out? Pull your "head games" when I was umping, and you'd be a spectator.

As someone else mentioned, there are 42 outs in a game the visitors win, 39 outs if the home team doesn't have to bat in the 7th inning. There are also shortened games, extra-inning games.

I looked up your profile. Stick with snowboarding and surfing. You know little, if anything about baseball rules. This isn't Little League, it's high school.


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No, it's not about me. It's about people making asinine statements about calling time whenever he pleases, so he can disrupt the pitcher.

Yes, he asked a question, then went off about what he does. He wouldn't accept the answers he was given. I saw he's a high school player, but it's obvious he hasn't been coached well.

And I don't need anyone to apologize for me. I can take care of myself. If you want to stroke someone who won't believe experienced umpires, that's your choice. If you give advice, and the asker tells you that he does the opposite, he's not looking for assistance.

BSM: If you ask for an answer, accept it. As for being an idiot, at least I know how to spell. And you show your immaturity by having to use profanity, or the ****.

you dont have a clue to play ball do you? Its a strategy to disturb the pitchers timing. It can set off the pitchers timing/control and ease. When your against a tough pitcher in a tough count, 1-2, 2-2, 3-2, it could get you a ball, an outside pitch become inside or on the plate, a curveball not break as well. Because the pitcher has to reset his grip, reset on the mound and it could mess up his rythem.

The game is never over until the 42'st out is made
and my coach, i will have to admit, isnt the best coach in the world, but my gpa has taught me well, he went to college with baseball and couldve gone pro but married at a young age, and my uncle went pro for the red sox. He was a 1st round draft choice and couldve gone anywhere. Ive learned from the best and i just ask questions and am criticized for what ive asked.

The game is never over until the 42'st out is made
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I understand that you are a high school baseball player. I understand your intent of trying to outwit the opposing pitcher.

But you need to understand, that you cannot call timeout. You ask for timeout, and the ump may or maynot grant you a timeout.

That's it. End of discussion.


It's very ironic that you call a teenager imature. (That happens to a part of their personality) You show your immaturity, by the way you responded to this post as well as others. If you are as wise and as smart as you claim to be, then you would have the ability to respond in a constructive and informative manner. We need to teach these young men whenever the occasion arises not only about the game of baseball, but the game of life. YOU MISSED AN OPPORTUNITY TO LEAD BY EXAMPLE

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In this Ask the Umpire link, there is a topic called "time between pitches". In it, a Pitcher for a visiting team is being extremely deliberate. Taking upwards of 30 seconds between pitches. He is waiting for the batter to drop the hands and lose concentration. Now the reason for the question was about the rule that requires a pitcher to deliver a ball within 20 seconds to keep that exact thing from happening.

This is the reverse of your strategy and there is a rule to combat it. There is no way an Umpire is going continue to grant you time outs so you can play your strategy out. I will grant all reasonable timeouts. I will not grant multiple time outs when its clear the batter and/or the pitcher are playing mind games.

I do not call time out every time it is asked. Many times young players are trained to ask for time at every opportunity, getting into the batters box, after a steal, after a walk, you name it. If there is no impending play I dont grant time.

Your strategy is a risky one, it may or may not work depending on the Umpire. It may backfire on you on your next at bat. If you get a fastball aimed at your earhole and it lays you on your butt, you might want to remember your strategy, because HS and higher pitchers have long memories.

If you want to throw off a pitcher, try getting a hit. Nothing throws a pitcher off more than getting rocked. There is a place for strategy in baseball, but it comes behind hitting, fielding and throwing.
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