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i put this in another forum butbthought maybe it would be better to put it here. 

My son is scheduled for Tommy John surgery or UCL primary repair (depending on what the surgeon sees) in the morning.  They called in a bunch of prescriptions for him that I just picked up. Seems like a lot. They gave him oxycodone (which makes me a little nervous) toradol which is another painkiller, neurontin which is for nerve pain ( maybe because they’re moving his ulnar nerve as well?) and then just nausea medication and Prilosec. Just seems like an awful lot of meds. If your son had this surgery, how much pain were they in and for how long? Did they need all of these things?

Also, anything I should bring to the hospital? I was thinking maybe a pillow to rest his arm on for the 2 hour drive home. Anything else?

Ugh I’m a nervous wreck.


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Ice cream! 

I'm not big on the meds, either...You need to have a very frank talk with his Dr's...what is necessary? 

As I recall, for Pres' "modified TJ in 2008, he took ozy for 3-4 days...then switched to Tylenol with codeine for another week or so...Discomfort is one thing...pain is another...

Good luck! Keep your chin up! 

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