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I love the Disch and it's getting the TLC it deserves as we speak. It must be a pretty hard surface though. I saw a play once where a pop up made it just out of the infield between first and second. It was a high pop and the visiting teams second baseman lost it in the sun. Seeing this the runner took off from frist and was sliding into second before the ball came down from the bounce. I guess you could call it home field advantage. I don't think I've ever seen a ball bounce that high!!
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I have ballpark issues....

- First...."lets see...we're at 23...Hey! lets throw in a couple from the west coast." Geeze, Thanks for caring...

- Second...I'll go my grave knowing that baseball is played on grass and dirt. It is a travesty to put baseball on plastic, and worse yet, to then award those fields "top" staus...

JMHI (Just My Honest Issues...)

Cool 44
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While the Univ of Illinois-Chicago will probably never be known as a "fan favorite", the night backdrop of the Chicago Skyline behind CF is quiet a sight. Pictures will not do it justice. I'm not a big city guy but this is one of those "baseball sights" that you have to experience to really enjoy. The Sears Tower is the big building which I think is about a mile away.

Les Miller Field - UIC Flames
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Having just returned from there, I have to add my two cents worth for Les Murakami Stadium at the U of Hawaii. The Les, which seats about 7,000, gets very little love outside of the Islands. That could be because SE teams generally don't go there, and it's not a hitter's park. It is an absolutely beautiful stadium in a gorgeous location, and with many many uh...well spectacular spectators. Big Grin
The only negative is an old worn out carpet, which they are replacing this summer. The Les is also home to the Hawaiian Winter Pro League and likely a future venue for the Hawaiian Collegiate League.
Not such a friendly environment for opposing teams though. Funny thing I heard during one game... Coach yelling at his team to clear out and not help the opposing catcher as he closed in on the Bow's dugout chasing a pop-up. After the ball fell untouched, Coach explained loud enough for those in and about the dugout to hear, "The Aloha spirit only goes so far boys...we're here to kick their a**!"
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I guess the top 25 collegiate parks comes down to the how the rankings are established, and the criteria used to calculate the rankings.

Maybe HSBBW should begin discussing and agreeing (if ever possible) on their own criteria,

A few thoughts:
a) Best for the College Homer Town Calls
b) Best treated visiting fans
c) History and tradition
d) Best of variety of food
e) Best looking coeds
f) Player talent
g) Closeness and cleanliness of bathrooms
h) Handicap access
i) Can my children be entertained
j) Costs?
k) Coaching delays (and entertainment)
l) so many others

I will agree with Joe Connor's opinion that
Florida State & Clemson University are the Kings (and Queens) of heckling (a^^o) in the ACC. Yet there is talent (geez, anyone can get into Fla State!)
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