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Houston Christian Baseball Classic

Flower Mound HS traveled to Houston for this weekend’s Houston Christian Baseball Classic. The tournament had quite a few preseason "ranked" teams and even a couple of nationally ranked teams. The FM Jaguars represented themselves well going 5-0 while winning the event in the Championship Round where the Pool A Winner played the Pool B Winner.

Here are a few details from the tournament:

Ranked Teams that FMHS played:
- St Thomas (2009 –TX 6A-Private - Preseason #2) – Won 3-2
- Beaumont Westbrook - Won 12-5
- St Pius (2009 –TX 6A-Private - Preseason #6) – Won 20-3
- Parkview Baptist (Baton Rogue) (2009-ESPN #11 in Nation) – Won 6-2
- Houston Christian (2009 -TX 6A-Private - Preseason #1), in the Championship Game - Won 6-1

Other ranked teams in the Tournament were:
- El Paso Socorro (2009 -TX 5A- Preseason #17, Houston Lamar (2009-TX 5A-Preseason #7), Strake Jesuit (2009-TX 6A-Private- Preseason #3)

It was a nice assembly of quality teams that all played pretty well for this early in the season. Best of luck to all the teams the rest of the season.
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Originally posted by longballs:
Hope the private sector gets you prepared for 6=5a!!

Obviously you didn't read the entire post: (2)TX Top 20 5A teams (Lamar and El Paso Socorro) were there and so was a ESPN Natl #11 team (Parkview Baptist-Baton Rouge). In addition, the top TX-6A Private schools provide high quality competition since they can, and do, recruit many high quality players from the talent rich Houston area. Not to mention, two of the defeated "private sector" schools (Houston Christian and St Thomas) were State Champions last year. I'd suggest you do a little research prior to blowing off the "private sector" teams who played in this tournament.

Since you're a 6-5A expert, what "ranked" teams were the other 6-5A teams playing this weekend?

I'd put the FMHS "out of district" schedule up against any in the 6-5A District teams or against most 5A programs out there. Care to compare schedules? Who do you represent?

This post is in no way to disrespect any 6-5A team as I've argued before that it will be the toughest district in the state. Playing tough teams will only make you better prepared as you approach playoff time (whomever makes the playoffs).

Best of luck to all this spring.
Originally posted by hornsr1:
Please, comparing Private Schools to 5A programs is like comparing apples to oranges. No comparison from top to bottom. But if you think it is important to brag about beating lower level competition, then feel free. Good luck in 6-5A.

The green eyed monster rears it's ugly head
The fact that Flower Mound rolled through their tournament opponents is, IMHO, a reflection on their pitching staff more than anything else. No one in 6-5a should take them lightly.

And congrats to junior Zac Adams for his first varsity win.

Based on the linescores I saw, it looks like FunnelDrill has Marcus ready as well. Even though Coppell came through this weekend unscathed, I understand they are banged up, and Southlake may be nicked up as well.

It looks like there will be no breathers on anyone's schedule once district play starts.
Cheapseats and TeamD are right! Houston Christian defeated the El Socorro Bulldogs and Socorro is picked by many polls to be in the top 5 in Texas 5A. The Parkview team is also ranked by Perfect Game as the #16 team in the nation as well as ESPN's poll at #11 as stated by TeamD. Not to mention that St. Thomas (Craig Biggio's team) might be the best team in the tournament but lost a close one to Flower Mound 3-2 in the first game matchup. Now saying all that, I think it just proves how tough district 6-5A will be this year. I think all the 6-5A teams did exceptionally well this weekend and most if not all can play with any team in the country. I think that is what TeamD was trying to point out (besides braggin' on the Jags of course! )
Originally posted by longballs:
What state ranked teams are in the Flower Mound Tourney this weekend??


We never heard from you on which ranked teams your favorite team played last weekend. Seems easy to stand at a distance and shoot others down but fail to comment on your favorite teams ranked competition. Who were they?

As far as the FM Tournament goes, both Rowlett and Houston Christian will be in the tournament. HC has a pitcher that some say could be a first round draft pick this year(Coffee-sp?) and Rowlett is a TX-5A Top 25 ranked team as well. FM is scheduled to play two games against them both.

It should be another good test for all the teams involved and continue to get all these teams ready for their respective district play. JMHO

It looks like the FM tourney is a round robin between 3 good teams who are getting a few games in before district play starts. Not a huge tourney by any means, but the 3 teams are definitely quality teams in my opinion.

I noticed your location is "Flower Mound". You don't sound like a FMHS fan, so are you a Marcus fan? Nothing wrong with that, I'm just trying to understand what your motivation is.

Whatever your team affiliation, Best of luck!

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