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Hope this happens.  Happy for Trevor, JucoDad and family.  I think Jose Ramirez set a trend for Cleveland.  He could have gotten more money somewhere else but simply chose the team and city as having higher value among other things.  They are discussing long term deals with young players Jimenez and Rosario as well who they acquired in the Lindor deal. 

I've said this before, but nobody truly deserves to be a professional athlete or a varsity starter. Genetics, work ethic, timing, and luck play into opportunities and results. I'm humbled by both my sons' work ethic and what they achieved with the specific and very different blessings they've been bestowed.

I feel unworthy of the blessings I've received, and even though contentment is the opposite of improvement I’m  treating myself to a bit of serenity on the long drive to the ballpark today.

Thank you all for your kind thoughts.

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@Consultant posted:

A great story today.

The Cleveland Guardians will be a strong contender in the American League.

"The value of the late inning relief pitchers".


Thanks for sharing.  It’s very interesting to read the drill down into more detailed stats the article provides.  I’m slowly becoming a stat enthusiast after being trapped in the ERA and BA world most of my non baseball life.  

From the article:

Drilling down even further, there’s far more to like about Stephan. His 16.2% swinging-strike rate was the 14th-best mark among the 273 pitchers who tossed at least 60 innings in 2022 (starters and relievers alike). He was also better than average in terms of opponents’ exit velocity (87.5 mph average) and hard-hit rate (34.4%), and his 3.1% opponents’ barrel rate was among the very best in all of baseball (98th percentile).

I had to look up what barrel rate was even though I could kind of guess  😁.  Cool stuff and fist bump to JucoDad!

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