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After the 3rd out a new inning starts.
Pitcher is throwing his warm up pitches when the coach walks from the dugout,to the mound and talks with him as he is throwing his warmup pitches. Coach leaves mound as the catcher is throwing down to secound.
Same pitcher, same inning, throws to 3 batters and the same coach calls time and goes to the mound to talk with him.
Is this a 2nd trip?
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I wish you guys did softball...

I saw a first base coach of "ample girth" get charged with a visit as he "ambled" back to the third base dugout. He was crossing the mound as his pitcher took the mound. Without stopping, he simply said, "Go get 'em kid" and blue charged a trip to the mound.

We then received the obligatory ten minute discussion between coaches and umpires while the 80 minute clock ticked on.
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It is not a trip unless you have to hold the beginning of the inning up. If his talking is slowing his pitcher down, move him along. If he stays there talking at the completion of warm-ups then certainly charge him. I make sure I give him the same two pitches that the on deck batter gets. Preventive umpiring is way more effective than proving you think you know the rules.
Originally posted by JMoff:
In this case, our opponent did none of the above... They were moving right along but he in no way slowed anything down. Half the girls weren't even on the field yet. We were on the other side of it, but I thought it was BS, just another opportunity to create some drama.

and that I will never understand.....As an umpire. I want well run, smooth games.....I do not go looking for additional drama...the game provides enough ....

To my students, I teach them to apply the rules to situations that occur...NOT to search for situations to apply a rule....

There is a huge difference....

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