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I was trying to find information about what kind of money a Draft-n-Follow would eventually sign for. I searched the BA website but I couldn’t find the information.

If the drafting team owns the DNF players rights, right up until a few days before the next draft, wouldn’t that dampen a players negotiating powers? Or do other teams follow silently?
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A players value can go up or down during the year he is under control. Some have signed for millions, others have signed for practically nothing. Some do not even get an offer.

It has very little to do with how high you were drafted or how low. It has much to do with where you're likely to be drafted if you do not sign with the club that has control.

The negotiating leverage is still present. The player does not have to sign. He can choose to re-enter the draft or continue in college.
The answer to your question is totally dependent on how the "follow" part goes. The process is designed to give a team an opportunity for further evaluation while a player competes at a JUCO. If he stinks up the joint, interest wanes. If he tears it up he becomes a hot commodity perhaps. As far as other teams, they are normally scouting the same games and will continue to monitor the player's progress. We had an example here last year of a DFE pitcher (10th rounder) who went from a 90-92 MPH guy to touching 97 with a power slider.He signed before last year's draft for 7 figures (was also picked as the best DFE selection by Baseball America).
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