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I can’t say thank you to this forum and all those who have help as we build a program in West TN. So now we are building some excitement aince we have strung some wins together and had an even better summer season going .500 over the summer. Part of this years goal is to show support and our district and some donors are helping us purchase new uniforms, so let’s hear your advice/experience. 

Our current uniforms are about 4-5 years old. Jerseys are Nike although we purchased some new white and grey Champ Pro this past season. Our colors are royal blue and gold, Vegas gold but basketball team uses athletic gold.  Mascot is Wildcats. Talking to our AD I’m thinking about doing a home and away jersey and then allowing our students to purchase personalized jerseys with their names as an alternate home set. 

Rawlings? Nike? Adidas? Under Armor?  Healey or another affordable sublimated grade?  Pros/Cons and experience please. 

Throw some pics in, let me see what you’re wearing.  Here’s the 3 configurations we wear now  



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I know this is not answering what you asked, but here is how our HS handles uni's.  The team provides a home and away jersey.  There are no personal jerseys.  The jerseys are Nike and rotated out every 3 years.  They ask the players to provide pants.  We wear white pants with a red piping stripe down the middle.  The kids are given specific brands they can purchase so the red stripes "match".  In addition the kids are asked to provide their own helmets.  They have to purchase a specific brand and model helmet to ensure they all match.  By offsetting the helmet and pant costs on the kids the team is able to rotate through jerseys a little quicker.  We do live in an upper middle class area, so asking families to pay for some of this stuff is not an issue.  Now if we would have just taken the Under Amour sponsorship offered us a few years back...

You should be able to get nice quality jerseys for $20 each subliminated through your sporting goods store with numbers on back and logo on front if logo and numbers are single color.  We did the digi-camo and had hats that matched.  I can get you a great deal on hats if you order them before the end of November.  Our other set was two colored.  We had just black hoodies with numbers on back so they could wear them on really cold days.  All of the above for $60.  Check places like epic sports for great deals.  We also did a banner that we hung on our dugout for all games.  $25 for a name on the banner, $50 for a small logo and $100 for a large logo and writing.  We raised about $2500 each year off this because it was with us every game.  Found a banner maker on ebay who did them cheap.  Took all of two minutes for a player to hang it on our dugout before game home and away and it was also a barrier between us and the parents.  LOL.  Added benefit.  

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