The Bullwinkle traveling show is off to Tucson....Any ideas for hotels?
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When we were out there for the Jr. Olympics, we stayed at the Westward Look Hotel while BeenthereIL had son with the team. It is away from town and quiet with nice desert views. Tucson isn't very large so we were still close to games.
Just got back from Tucson and if you are going for games at the University of Arizona, I highly recommend the University Park Marriott that is "practically on campus" and...right next to Starbucks, a big plus for me.... Really, really nice hotel with a great area of shops and restaurants surrounding it.

If you are going for a tournament at some of the minor league ballparks, a different location would be closer to those.

If you want something also close to the University and very upscale, the Arizona Inn would be a good choice.
But with baseball players, you usually don't want/need upscale Wink.
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Starbucks in Tucson??? last time I was there they didn't even have cable TV. Your best bet is to drop the kid, come up to Phoenix, enjoy the Diamondbacks, maybe an Opera, some culture, good restraunts, then go down and get him when he's done. Seriosly Tucson is slowly catching up to the rest of the world, just don't drink the water.

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