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My questions are:

1) How much more recruiting are college coaches doing in the "late signing period" between now and August, and does most of it happen after the draft?

2) Does anyone know the percentage of signings that occur in the late period? How about after the draft?

3) Does position make a difference, for example, do most pitchers get signed early and most leftfielders in the late period?
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RipEm -
I don't know the percentages you are looking for. But I do know that what you do not want to sit back and wait for colleges to contact you. You want to continue to actively market yourself where you think baseball is a good fit for your skill level. Contact the coaches. As a senior there are no restrictions. Setup a visit or schedule a specific time with the coach that is convenient for you to call. Have a frank conversation about what opportunities there may be in their program for you. Continue to look at all levels; don't limit yourself to just a few schools. And don't forget to use the resources on this board to help. Good luck in your search. The right answer is out there. Smile
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Allow me to add this to what RHP has said

I truly believe that the majority of signings happen in the spring, especially when you look across the board.

I do not think you can generalize as to position-- early siging period is for mostly stud signings this in turn opnes up scholarship money after the draft when a good number of the studs get drafted and go pro

Good luck
Pure speculation based on our experience, past local D1's records and second hand anecdotal experience on my part, but division 1 schools in the south sign mostly in the fall about 70%. D2 signs about 50/50 fall/spring. JUCOs' sign mstly after the fall.

Bear in mind that all the signings are effected by the draft as draftees who signed D1 or D2 in the fall decide to sign with a JUCO as a draft and follow. This creates opportunity at 4 year schools late in the year.....if they know you are available.

If you are unsigned and a senior, then you need to take ownership of your career right now. How far are you willing to go to find a spot. Make some calls to Juco coaches, who are trying out players right now. A friend of Jr's is trying out at a Juco tomorrow. Find a team to play on this summer to show your stuff.


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