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I have heard several rumors about the UNT baseball program. I had heard that there was supposed to be a "partnership" between the TCl-Denton Outlaws to build a field. Well this apparently is not going to happen because the outlaws moved to Lake Dallas.

I have also heard that the big-wigs at UNT just don't see the gain in brining back baseball.

But then again, these are just rumors.
North Texas will be getting baseball in the next couple of years.

I can't really say a whole lot at this point, but there will be a Division 1 baseball progam in Denton in the next couple of years. The whole thing is going to really be first class from the facilities to the coaches to everything in between.

A few years back, there was supposed to be a partnership between the TCL Denton Outlaws and North Texas. If the Outlaws put up a certain amount of money, then UNT would match it and they could get the ball rolling, having seed money to kick off the program and to begin construction. The Outlaws did not hold up their end of the bargain, so that never happened.
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My last post for a while-I have got to get back to work and sue someone so I can pay for graduations, baseball, weddings etc..
Simple-it's sad UNT does not have a team. They have softball-have any of you seen the facilities they have built on the west side of 35 (and 2 new academic facilities on campus-saw it all during volleyball tournament earlier in the year)? I played golf with George Dunham a few months ago (we went to RLT together). At that time he was pumped because he thought it was about to happen. I even had the name of a pretty good coach/relative who might be interested. Oh well-keep the faith.
Just as sad--SMU-I grew up watching the Ponies at Reverchon. Again-oh well-keep the faith.

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