Who's heading to Phoenix late next week? This will be our fifth straight year of playing in the Jr. Olympics, which have now been re-named as the 16u national championships.

If any hsbbw'ers will be there, I'd love to meet you and share some baseball. We're staying at the Hampton Inn, near the Peoria Sports Complex.

EDH Vipers team.
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our "Rookies" team will be staying in tents
in the desert at Surprise. This is the "outback" is it not?

Our players will run the 60 yard with the coyotes.

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Adam, be sure to look me up. I'm the Vipers head coach. BBbum, where are you staying?

Bob, you always know how to reach me, so let's be sure to meet and enjoy a cold one together. Wouldn't it be crazy if our teams played each other?
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