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Great news today for my favorite MLB team (the Twins, of course!).

The Twins traded CF Ben Revere for Vance Worley, son of a HSBaseballWeb mom (DB2BMom).

I'm very excited about Vance joining the Twins, as he has the potential to be the ace of our starting staff. (Plus I'll get to see his mom at least once every season!) Smile

Meanwhile, this could be very good news for another HSBBWeb son, Darin Mastroianni (son of itsinthegame). Darin was traded to the Twins last season and had great success as our 4th outfielder with quite a few game highlights, but this move could put Darin more firmly in the starting lineup.

Looking forward to Spring Training this year more than ever!!!

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This will make going to Twins games at the Safe next year that much more fun (I go every year with the head brewer of a local brewery with a pub right next to the stadium - these outings are already pretty fun).

Congrats to Vance and DB2BMom, as well as Darin and itsinthegame. I may not root for the Twins over the Mariners, but I will DEFINITELY be rooting for your sons!
Darin was just interviewed by our local sports radio guys ( during TwinsFest. He had them (and us) laughing the whole time. What a friendly and witty young man.

Darin poked fun at himself for running awkwardly when he was very small and gave credit to his dad Paul (itsinthegame on our site) for helping him learn how to run fast. The whole time listening, I was thinking of Paul's saying "Run like a wild dog."

I'll post a link to the interview when I find it.
Big Grin

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Thanks Julie and everyone! After the initial shock of the trade (yup, we never saw it coming Wink ), we are all very excited for the season to begin.

I listened to Darin's interview and it was very funny. What a great sense of humor he has. Loved his story about the heckling he got during his at bat in the minor leagues.

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