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Looking for input or advice on the following:

If a current college player plans to contact college coaches via e-mail in hopes of looking for a school to transfer to, would it be appropriate to include a short 5 minute youtube video of the player pitching or is video more of a tool used for high school recruits?
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I am not sure everyone on this board will agree; however, a former travel coach sent a video of my son, 4-2-4,to the JC he had played and the JC coach sent word through him to have son visit. Son transfered (D1 program) and is playing for that JC this year and committed to another D1 program for the following year. Sometimes it does work,what do you have to lose; however, it can be tricky with his present school/coach. Be very, very careful!
Another word of adviceBig Grino your homework when selecting another college, especially JC. First, make sure about his transfer hours and can he get enough hours to complete his AA. This is a must!
Second:Study the program and can you determine how many former players have gone on to other 4 year programs. Is the coach proactive and respected by other 4 year programs and will he play an active role in getting your son into a 4 year program. Some JC coaches are lazy and/or disinterested in helping players, try not to get caught in that situation. Fortunately, my son's coaches are very respected by recruiters and scouts and were very proactive in getting him seen. Hope this helps??
Keep it coming, need all the help we can get.

He has surpassed his JC eligibility; he is looking at a 4-4 transfer.

I think a video is a good idea but he is concerned that he is too old for a recruiting video. I don't see how coaches will have a chance to see him in season, seems like he needs a video so they can view and determine their level of interest.
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