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Perhaps the greatest HS baseball tribute to Va. has been paid by Baseball America. It's not what they've's what they've done.

They are running regional analysis of the upcoming draft. And for the first time they have singled out Virginia by itself, along with California, fla, and tex....The other 46 states are by region.

I'm sure there are many posters here who have coached or are close to the many outstanding players who will be picked in the draft from Va.

These players are a direct result of the burgeoning AAU, and other travel teams established in the mid-90's.

Way to go Va. baseball!!!!

Now if UVA and Tech could get a few to stayFrown
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Sounds like high praise indeed. Do you have a link?

Much as it pains a Hokie to say it, UVA's baseball program is on the rise...and they did manage to keep in state a player that has no doubt helped put VA Baseball on the national map. Ryan Zimmerman has been called by GA Tech's coach the "best defensive 3B he has EVER seen", and may well be among the 1st 10 picks of the MLB draft. The Hokies, unfortunately, have struggled in their inaugural ACC season, but that affiliation will definitely help them in the recruiting process.

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