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It's a solid year for VMI alums, as Reed Garrett (Mills Godwin) has returned to MLB with the Nationals and is doing well.  Josh Winder (James River) was up earlier and did quite well with the Twins before having to go on the IL, but I hear that he may be close to returning to the bigs.

The Royals continue to be the team to watch for Richmond-area players.  Daniel Lynch (Douglas Freeman/UVA) has been doing reasonably well in the MLB rotation, and though he has just gone on the IL, it's only for a blister, so he should be back soon.  Vinnie Pasquantino (James River/Va. Cardinals/ODU) is tearing it up at AAA Omaha, where he leads all of MiLB in RBI and also leads the International League in extra-base hits.  (There are some pretty funny Twitter commentaries going on among Royals fans, wondering what it's going to take for Vinnie to get the call.)

Also recently promoted to AAA Omaha, Thomas Dale/VMI alum Nate Eaton is hitting a very strong .322 through 25 games since coming up from AA.  And Colonial Heights/Va. Cardinals/UVA alum Noah Murdock got promoted to AA Northwest Arkansas not long ago.

Imagine a future where the Royals roster includes all 4 of those guys!  I might have to get that MLB package where you can watch them on line.

In other organizations:

Cullen Large (James River/Va. Cardinals/W&M)  is in AAA for the Blue Jays, hitting .274.  Here's hoping he might get a late season call, especially since he can play a lot of positions (Chris Taylor type) and is a switch-hitter.

Nate Kirby (James River/Va. Cardinals/UVA) has overcome a spate of injuries to post a solid 2.74 ERA thus far in AAA for the Pirates.  Hopefully the Pirates will get him some big league action before this season is out.

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If you don't already know Vinnie, you should Google him and maybe also do a search of Twitter.  Drafted in 2019, the year without minor league play in 2020 got in his way, but last year and this year he has put up unheard of numbers.

Hoping he gets into the lineup tonight.  The Royals are MLB app's "free game of the day," so anyone can watch for free!

................and Vinnie P's first hit (tonight), in typical Pasquantino style, was a HR!   (and sadly, Nathan Kirby was released after MidloDads post)

Not to hijack, but I thought I would list other Virginia players not mentioned above that are currently slogging it out in milb  (and please add others that I missed, especially more recent draft picks):

Derek Casey

Chase Pinder

Nic Enright

Aaron McGarity

Griffin Roberts

Tyler Johnson

Sam Ryan

Nic Kent

Zach Mort

Matt Pita

Also, Blake Bivens, Nick Wells, and Kit Scheetz are playing in "partner leagues of MLB"

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