Any restaurant suggestions for Waco, Texas??? We'll hopefully be there this weekend.
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There is only ONE place to eat in Waco, in my opinion.....the town rolls up its sidewalks after 5pm, and the only happening place is the 'Landing' (i think that's what it's called) - it's kind of like a warehouse with a variety of restaurants within it. It's right near the heart of downtown. (sorry this isn't more detailed - we were there just for a couple days last summer).
There is this place called Rudy's right off of I-35 on the east side of freeway, on the south side of town, can't miss it, big sign, don't be scared off by the gas pumps, it's good ole' Texas Bar-B-Que! I eat there every time I visit Waco.
There are a lot of restaurants in east of
I-35 and 4th(?)st,in a big warehouse as someone else said.Slowpokes was our favorite for its bbq ribs and chicken,but they also have italian,mexican and other places right there.
There are also numerous fast food places everywhere you look.
We've eaten at the "warehouse" everyone keeps mentioning. My kids favorite place there is "Crickets"-good choice of food, pool tables, games, etc. The first time we went was when we were in Waco for the Little League State tournament 5 years ago-the team loved it! We've had to eat there the last two summers when we were in Waco for PG showcases-at my kids' insistence. It's a tradition now!
Rudy's does have great barbeque.
There's also a place called O Henry's, I believe.Nothing fancy but good chicken fried steak-down the freeway towards Rudy's but the other side-I think one street off the freeway.
Do folks in California even know what chicken fried steak is? Razz It's one of the most popular foods in Texas as we natives all know but we might have to explain it to our Texas cuisine challenged California friends. Let us know if you need any further help, Amelia. Big Grin
I have been to the both the Elite Cafe which IS a Waco landmark and it is as baseball mom says good homestyle cooking. The building is not much to look at but like I said it has been there forever!!! And also the last poster mentioned O Henry's I think that it is just called O's, anyway if it is the same place they have THE BEST grilled chicken sandwich I have tasted (and I have tasted my share). Grilled Chicken, guacomole, pico de gallo and ice cold beverages!!!!! I give it two thumbs up!!! It also is a locals hangout. You will see an outfield advertisment for the place at the Baylor ballfield if that is where you are going
This is terrific - I will be the most popular parent on the team with all this 'inside knowledge' bigflower Thanks very much to all of you.

OUBsbMOM, you are correct that most Californian's don't know about chicken fried steak tater Fortunately, I was born and raised in Virginia, so I am familiar with that diet-busting delicacy Eek

Thanks, aannnndddd,,,,, go (CAL) Bears!!!
Too late to help URK, but in case others check in later.

Rudy's is far, far from the best bbq in Waco. Michna's (Franklin Drive, near BU football stadium) is much better. Fantastic buffet. Uncle Dan's is also superior to Rudy's.

Great chicken fried steak in Elm Mott (just north of Waco on I35) at Heitmiller's. Good steak at Lone Star (Hwy. 84, a few miles east of I35).

Best mexican is probably at El Conquistador (family owned, but several locations). Good little hole in the wall on the circle, whose name escapes me now.

Best hamburger is at a tiny little diner near Baylor called Cupp's.

All the usual chains are there as well.
Texan etal - thanks for the tips. As it happens, we had time to check out almost ALL the suggestions as ALL THREE GAMES were cancelled due to the weather, which was cold (in the high 30's)... So, the team spent their time in the hotel and practicing on the Baylor field and the parents spent their time checking out the various establishments suggested by the folks here Eek. Thanks again for the tips -- if our paths ever take us to Waco again, I will keep these additional recommendations in mind chef. Again, thanks for all the help!
Uncle Dan's is outstanding BBQ. Off I-35, near Baylor stadium in a real dumpy looking low brick building. You might not even go in there unless you knew what it was... Wink

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