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I live in Sarnia, Ontario, and want to coach pro ball one day but need exp. on a good level of ball in order to get there in say 4-5 years. I think I'm stuck in the one place (Sarnia) that has almost no baseball which is very strange as this is southern Ontario.

Someone get me the hell outta here! (Sarnia)
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Welcome to the HSBBW.

Just a few questions about your post that is rather vague.

What level do you currently Coach?
How many years experience as a Coach and a player do you have?
How high of a level did you play at yourself?
Have you thought about the Sarnia Braves (they were the last team that I heard of in Sarnia that had a good level of ball)
What about the London Badgers, they are just a short drive up the 402??

If you truly want to be a pro coach someday pending upon your answers I think it will take longer then 4-5 years. I know some very, very wise Baseball people and it has taken them a 8+ years to become a professional coach, and that's only to be a coach in the Independent Leagues.

Give us some more details about yourself.

1. No level...No team to coach.
2. 3 Months / 12 years
3. I sat in the dugout once in Junior College.
4. Been there, done that last year, Good coaches but kids were not committed at all.
5. Don't have wheels to get to London

I was even trying to get info on this Western Counties Senior League that is between Sarnia-London and Sarnia doesn't have a team.

Oh well...I'll just go play my little computer game and live in my fansasy world
I take it by your answers that you're a rather young Coach? No?

Well not having wheels is a BIG drawback, because since you are right at the border you could of even ventured into MI, but I guess that plan is out of the picture for now as well. I know a team that is looking for an additional Coach, but you not having any wheels makes that point mute.

What level are you looking at Coaching? I know that there are a few teams (maybe 3 or 4) in Sarnia that play in the L.D.B.A. the highest level being the Sarnia Midgets that play in the Junior Division. Or was this the team that you Coached last season?
I was with the Midget team for a tourneyment then was sent to the Bantams as they needed help more. Both teams only had 10-11 players each so these kids knew that they couldn't really be benched and for some reason most didn't have a passion for the game so I wasn't going to waste my time volunteering for a bunch of kids who don't give a ****. I would be glad to volunteer and learn more about coaching if kids would even give 80% effort.

3. I was on a JUCO team down south a long time ago where I was redshirted and for the last game of the season (no playoffs for us) one of my teammates gave me his game uniform to wear in the dugout while he chased down the foul balls. Most people wouldn't understand but that to me was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.

I pretty much am screwed with the situation that I'm in although most people don't have a clue how much I know about the game...I just lack the actual coaching exp. which is a real shame as I also understand a lot about communication and different personalities.
It's just another mens beer league but hardball instead of softball.

Not trying to ruffle any feathers but...
want to coach pro ball one day but need exp. on a good level of ball in order to get there in say 4-5 years

Am I missing something here, you start off by saying you want to Coach Pro Ball and now you seem excited by the fact that you are Coaching a beer league?

It just doesn't add up...
oh I know what your saying but I do have to realize that if it wasn't for this senior team I would have NO team to coach, so something is better then nothing and actually I went to my first practice tonight (Sun.) and they are a good bunch of guys that listen to what I say (I do know what the heck I'm talking about of course as far as the basics go) plus they are glad to have someone a few years older to give them a bit of structure. I will learn a lot about putting together a batting order, where to play each player, and many other aspects of playing the game correctly) Maybe next year I can move up a little and I will have a level one certification.
Well at least you realize that you have to start small and work your way up through the ladder. The Certification Level 1 is a must from now on if you are planning on Coaching Competitive, and as you go higher in the competitive ranks you need to get higher in the certification process.

If you think you would have a wheels to get you out of Sarnia let me know cause I know a team that is actively looking for a Coach that will be needed in the fall and carry over to next season. Send me a PM with your Coaching Resume and Baseball Experience and I'll be sure to pass it on for you if you are interested.

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