I am interested in installing a warning track from foul pole to foul pole (about 550 linear feet). We just received a bid for material and labor that far exceeds our budget. Anybody installed one yourself? And can you offer some advice on how to install/and how to save $ doing it?
I know we could use a sod cutter to remove the turf, but the only rental I can find is 2' wide and if we made it the recommended 15'...that seems to be a lot of cutting and time.
Also, has anyone used a material besides the crushed brick sold by the athletic field suppliers?
Thanks in advance for any help.
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see if there is an excavation contractor in the area that is a friend of the program. if he has a bobcat use it to pickup the grass.the bucket is about 5' wide so.3 passes. then have stonedust delivered and dumped in the warning track ,use the bobcat to spread it out. compact and bobs your uncle.

email me, I have some info that you may find
useful and informative.

ROM costs for track material are

$6.00 per 50 lb bag
Bulk $55 per ton.

15' is very wide for HS field.
WT are the finishing touches for a great looking field.
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I'd make sure to put something underneath to keep the weeds from growing through. That's what happened with ours-- we used limestone gravel but we just put it down over the top. I'm not sure if they even removed the grass or anything. Within a few years it was starting to grow through. Now it's pretty well a lost-cause. There just isn't enough time in the day to keep up with it sometimes.
Check with Southern Athletic Fields. I believe they cover your area. 901-301-6861. First rate product and service. Don't go cheap on the warning track....You will be glad you did it right

Did one at our field about 10 years ago, exactly as you described: rented a sod cutter and made about 6 passes. All by myself. Anyone who has used a sodcutter knows what it does to you. My arms and shoulders didn't stop vibrating for about a week!

It can be done. Just don't cut the sod too deep so the pieces will be lighter to move and the track won't be too deep (you'll need less product to fill it in). Use the cut sod to fill in other spots around the field, if any.

Then, also as suggested, put down landscape fabric. Even a couple of layers if you can. Even then, weeds will find their way through. But it will be much better if you put it down.

Then use limestone or gravel. Not as nice looking as most warning track material, but much less expensive. Good luck!

use sod cutter .you will use less material.put down fabric.use warning track mix .do not use stone dust.this get on spiks and is draged all over.if you use a bobcat it will be a mess and you will use more material.10-15 feet is correct distance.if this is HS field.find rental center with late model sodcutter. good luck any ? email me CJRebels99@aol.com

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