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2012 would like to consider (at least look at) higher academic schools (he has the grades and scores) on the west coast as alternatives to midwest and east coast. Being land locked in the midwest we are not yet familiar with what I am sure are several high academic institutions. Obviously Stanford, USC, and UCLA. What are the other D-1 high academic schools to consider along with D-3's that we should be aware of?

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Originally posted by jemaz:
And school in the University of California system will be very good (and very tough admissions-wise).

True, here's a rundown....

D1, solid programs:
UC Davis
UC Irvine
UC Santa Barbara
UC Riverside

Also, a very good academic school popular with many CA kids:
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (technically considered a 'state' school)

D2, one of the best D2's in the nation:
UC San Diego

No baseball program:
UC Santa Cruz (club team)
Here is a link to a google docs spreadsheet that has the Ivy's plus all of the west coast schools. Download it and modify it as you see fit. There are a few errors in some recent coaching changes, but it should be 95% accurate. You will have to sort through them and figure out which fit your profile. There are some very very good academic schools that are not D1.

Not to be too negative but there are more high caliber baseball players in California than there are spots in the top D1 programs in the state. For example there are 6 UC’s that currently are recruiting (Cal is in limbo) and if each program brings in 7-8 kids you have to be one of the top 50 players in California to get one of these spots. If you think you are this good then go for it, but be aware most of these schools do not need to recruit outside of the state to get enough talent.

Good luck!
Originally posted by justbaseball:
...but be aware most of these schools do not need to recruit outside of the state to get enough talent.

Very, very good point. Do not underestimate that comment.

I agree it is a good point but I wouldn't go too far with BOF's logic. Signing at one of those places certainly means you are "likely" a good player but it does not necessarily mean you are one of the 50 best players in California let alone anywhere else for that matter. Some of those 50 players go to other states for example. Some of those 50 players are yet to be discovered regardless of who has signed e.g., Evan Longoria. Some of them are in other divisions like at the powerhouse UC San Diego mentioned above. Some of them are at JUCO's and so forth. Some of those 50 players will never make the playing field.

My experience with college baseball is many sign and few get to play. Lets see who plays before we determine who the best players are.
CD I certainly do not want to discourage anyone, but just to highlight the reality of how difficult it is to get on one of these UC rosters, let alone play. It is even more difficult for someone coming from the midwest. These coaches are looking at these kids over many weekends at scout games, travel ball games, and tournaments all in their back yard. It is certainly doable, and there are non California kids at some of these schools, but they should just know the reality of the situation before they spend much time and money going this route. They should take the time and go through the rosters and see how many there are, my bet is there are very very few.

There are other high academic schools out here that play a very high level of baseball that are not D1 also.
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