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To me they were overated on this board and they were lucky to win their first series. Obviously Mansfield is a very good team but they play in one of the weakest districts in the DFW area and there are at least 10 to 15 teams in the DFW area that could be in the final four. Comes down to a break here or there or who gets hot at the right time ect.

PS. Congrats to Rockwall
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Talked to a Mansfield dad tonight, he said that the boy's bats went quiet. Some attribute that to good pitching, he thought maybe the intensity wasn't there as it had been all year.

I wasn't there, didn't see them play all year, so I don't know.

I do know they have two very talented young pitchers...and i don't know 15 teams in the DFW region that could have went as far.
excuse my geographic bias here, but two things happened to mansfield. monterey's pitching and monterey's hitting. yes, they make some good baseball teams out in west texas. in any given year a team or two from amarillo, lubbock, or midland has a chance to run the table or at least be competitive with the best of the metroplex.

even though monterey got beat by amarillo high not once or twice, but three times, it is nevertheless a very good team with two d-1 starters [both likely to go in tuesday's draft], backed up by two undefeated no-names and a bunch of pretty good sticks.

amarillo high got beat by a very good mansfield team that in turn got beat by a very good monterey team that always seems to peak at playoff time.

there are some geat teams with some outstanding talent in the metroplex, but sometimes they just get beat by a better team on a given day. in the case of monterey, the only team to have hit those two starters all year is amarillo high. other than those three games, those two monterey ptichers [hobdy and phillips] have simply been dominant. that tends to silence bats and win games even over big city teams!

As a head coach in the D/FW area...I totally agree with you.

Lubbock Monterrey is a quality program with quality players. Let's give their kids and coaches some credit instead of placing blame on Mansfield. How can you not have the intensity in the regional finals that you did all year? Sounds like Monterrey just outplayed them.

Oh, if they don't want Walden and Cohoon out there in Mansfield for their senior year, let me know...I'll take them!!!

One of the weakest districts in the area?

Mansfield, Weatherford and Boswell all WON their first playoff series.

Boswell got bounced in the second round 2 games to 1

Weatherford lost in the 3rd round 2 games to 1

Mansfield lost in the 5th round 2 games to 0

at one point district 4-5A was the only district in the AREA with two teams still in the playoffs.

I suggest that before you make a statement about Mansfield playing in the weakest district in the area do your homework. Mansfield won their district last year with a majority of their players being Soph. That district had the likes of Cedar Hill, Duncanville, Weatherford. Maybe some of the "stronger" districts were over rated.

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